Taurus New Moon Channeled Meditation, 06May16

The Taurus new moon takes place tomorrow, 06May16, at 12:29pm Pacific time. The new channeled meditation is now recorded and available. Subscribers: It’s uploaded now to the Taurus 2016 folder. […]

Services Update (Thanks, Larimar!)

Currently I’m working a personal and professional re-org, clean-up process as a result of spending a great deal of time with a stone relatively new to me, larimar. It will […]

Larimar Update

I just returned from Denver, which was a trip with some vacation and some work. Mostly I went to visit some art museums and write my own kind of poetry-like […]

Aries New Moon Channeled Meditation MP3

Aries New Moon Channeled Meditation 33 minutes, $8 (a free perk for my subscribers). I combine the frequencies of Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron to take you into a […]