On Mass Shootings

Click the image to the left to go to SoundCloud to hear a new free 30-minute mp3 on why people take guns and shoot up places and other people. Media […]

Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation MP3

The channeled meditation mp3 for the Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that takes place Sunday, 27Sep15 is now available! $5, free to subscribers to my monthly service. Ascended Master Djehuty […]

Asteroid and Centaur Report, 18Sep15

Most of these bodies and points are covered in the Asteroid and Centaur Video Course, which recently wrapped up. Learn how to understand 11 archetypes I include in my work […]

Saturn in Sagittarius MP3

Saturn re-enters Sagittarius this week (17Sep15), ending its time in Scorpio for a few decades. Lately, many have been pressed to get down into the depths one more time, challenged […]