Sagittarius New Moon Channeled Meditation MP3

The new lunation meditation is now posted. The description from my site: Sagittarius New Moon Channeled Meditation, 29Nov16, 33 minutes, $8 (free for my subscribers). After you clear energy and […]

Dear Diary: On Lilith, Fasting, and Dad

New audio free on SoundCloud. I’ve been in bed with some injuries, and took the opportunity to do some water fasting, and now juice cleansing after it. Both the injuries […]

Everyone wants to know about Lilith

I’ve specialized in Lilith, a predominantly misunderstood archetype, since 2007. Since that time, I’ve offered a life-affirming approach to what most consider demonic, evil, and shameful. I hear from readers […]

Increasing Immunity

We’re coming up on winter, when bugs and illness “go around.” Because of the germ theory of disease – which in no way takes into account that we are energetic […]

The Chakra Course, Part 1 Sampler

I’ve just posted a 23-minute audio piece to SoundCloud containing the first few minutes of each of the mp3s comprising The Chakra Course, Part 1. It’ll give you a sense […]