The Slab Saw is Up and Running

Ah, spirit. The many varied and odd directions you choose to nudge me. -Tom’s Brain, continuously from 2003-2015 Months ago I was guided to stay away from the local lapidary […]

Asteroid & Centaur Report, 26Jun15

As part of a new series of posts each Friday, I’ll go over the transits of the asteroids and centaurs I use in my practice. See the first post from […]

TSJ Tonight at 7pm Pacific: A Karma Show

Listen live tonight Wednesday, 10Jun15 at 7pm Pacific. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and get access to the archive, or sign for my subscription service to get an insider’s […]

June Deal: 10% off 4 hours of tutoring

As announced on last Wednesday’s The Soul’s Journey show, during June I’m offering 10% off 4-hour tutoring packages for listeners of the show/podcast. Read about tutoring with me here but […]