On Charged Spectrolite, Part I

The experimenting and note-taking has commenced. There’s been a bit of a mental wild-goose chase with this stone the last few months. Also, I’ve spelled it wrong until the other […]

The Asteroid & Centaur Report, 10Jul15

I’m loving doing these each week, to tell you the truth. Doing forecasty things on a regular basis for me has peaked with monthly videos and mp3s for my subscribers, […]

Asteroid & Centaur Report, 03Jul15

Here’s the 3rd in a fun little series of posts to get you acquainted with the asteroids and other bodies (and one point) I use in my practice that might […]

Monthly Drawing Winner Sara, Part II

Sara joins me live again to continue her evolutionary astrology reading. Last week a tech issue made for a short episode. You can enter the drawing each month by sending […]

Charged Auralite 23 Preorders Open Now

Preorders for this amazing crystal are open! Learn more and order yours here. There I’ve posted 5 audio diary mp3s about my experiences with this crystal. Those who preorder will […]

The Slab Saw is Up and Running

Ah, spirit. The many varied and odd directions you choose to nudge me. -Tom’s Brain, continuously from 2003-2015 Months ago I was guided to stay away from the local lapidary […]