Living in Two Worlds: Nessus and Dogs

We think of ourselves as humans, and we’ve allowed ourselves culturally to distance ourselves from recognizing the truth that humans are animals. This has to do with how awesome we […]

Manifesting Health

Recently I’ve been asked a few times in different contexts what I’m interested/into in astrology these days. It’s all about the links between energy, consciousness, and health on all levels. […]

Healing the Effects of Abuse

When the Mayan Long Count Calendar ended a few years ago, the barriers between dimensions dissolved. This means that in your day-to-day life now, you are dealing more and more […]

Taurus Full Moon Meditation MP3 Now Posted

The full moon takes place Tuesday, October 27th just after 5pm Pacific. This 32-minute mp3 is a meditation and energy-work mp3 to activate and clear the 1st/root and 3rd/solar plexus […]

One More Day for AstroSummit 2.0!

I’m happy to be part of this amazing event that’s drawing so many astrology people together! It started Saturday, 10/10 and goes through Saturday, 10/17. Each of the presentations is […]