Asteroid & Centaur Report, 03Jul15

Here’s the 3rd in a fun little series of posts to get you acquainted with the asteroids and other bodies (and one point) I use in my practice that might not yet be a fluid part of your astrovocab. See post 1 and post 2 to read the beginning of […]

The Charleston Shootings & Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio: You Can’t Deny the Pain

Plutonian and Scorpionic energies have horrible reputations because we haven’t yet as a collective really figured out what to do about pain. On the face of it, behaviors and choices stemming from those energies within us can be vengeful, lashing out, angry, abusive, violent, retributive, harsh, destructive … you get […]

Asteroid & Centaur Report, 26Jun15

As part of a new series of posts each Friday, I’ll go over the transits of the asteroids and centaurs I use in my practice. See the first post from last week for more info. On August 4th I’ll begin a series of live video classes on these bodies, teaching […]

The Asteroid & Centaur Report, 19Jun15

This is the first in a series of posts to give you an overview of the goings on of asteroids and points I happen to find useful in my astrology counseling work. Each Friday, I’ll choose a chart of the moment and write up a run down of what’s up […]

TSJ Tonight at 7pm Pacific: A Karma Show

Listen live tonight Wednesday, 10Jun15 at 7pm Pacific. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and get access to the archive, or sign for my subscription service to get an insider’s guide for each month with the show archive included as a perk. Read about and enter the new monthly drawing […]

Tonight on The Soul’s Journey: Compromise is for Losers: Senator Ted Cruz Karmic Profile

Senator Ted Cruz is the first to declare he’s a candidate for the presidential nomination for 2016. With Saturn retrograding in Sagittarius, I consider Cruz’s karmic journey and rise to prominence in US politics as symbolic of the need for a reality check (Saturn) regarding the power of belief (Sagittarius). […]

Saturn in Sagittarius

For almost 3 years (including a dip back into Scorpio during its next retro period), the planet of hard work and sacrifice will travel through the sign of expansion, faith, and vision. It enters the sign tomorrow, 23Dec14. I’ve recorded a new mp3 (58 mins.) covering how I see the […]

Free Download: Karmic Profile of Former BBC Presenter Jimmy Savile

A new 78-minute free MP3 covers Jimmy Savile’s karmic journey to understand why he was wired the way he was: pedophile, sexual predator, necrophiliac. Major astrological themes explored: Pluto retrograde, Pluto in Cancer, Pluto conjunct the North Node, Nessus, Eris in Aries, and Persephone. Special attention is given to transforming […]

Live Tonight at 7pm Pacific on The Soul’s Journey: Sexual Energy Anatomy

Listen live at 7pm Pacific tonight, Wednesday 12/4/13, via the link on the right side of this page. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes to hear past episodes to keep up with new episodes as they are produced. Make a donation to support the show whether one-time or recurring. The […]

Karmic Profile: John Wayne Bobbitt

Today is Mr. Bobbitt’s birthday. While it’s been a long time since I did a karmic birthday profile like this, something told me to look at his chart. A few things jumped out at me when I did and I’ll explore them below. First, many people know who he is […]

The The Remedy for Scorpionic Intensity, Drama, Anger, and Chaos: A Taurus Full Moon

The Taurus Full Moon presents the remedy for all the drama that’s been coming up fro under the surface. The recording of last night’s Taurus Full Moon Grounding and Release call will take you through a process to get underneath the intense feelings, ground, and get centered so you can […]

Saturn is now in Scorpio

The Saturn in Scorpio MP3 is on sale today only – 20% off. This almost 3-year transit will ask us to get to the bottom of power dynamics of all kinds. Anything working through Scorpio isn’t satisfied until we understand deeper/deepest motivations and the psychology behind all we do and […]

Mars Conjunct Saturn in Libra

It’s taking place while even the chickens will be slumbering tomorrow morning Pacific time, but we’ve been feeling the ramp-up for days if not weeks. The skinny: Mars wants action. Speed. Adventure. Saturn wants long-term plans. Structure. Morality. Slowness. In Libra, each at least sort of thinks that others should […]

Free Conference Call, January 28th: Rethinking Responsibility

After a channeled message from Ascended Master Djehuty on where we are as we begin the year 2012, I will frame Mars’ retrograde in Virgo, Saturn’s retrograde in Libra, and Neptune’s entrance into Pisces in terms of the opportunities for evolution and transformation available to us now. Each of these […]

Full Moon of Libra Tonight

This is going down at 18 Libra-Aries. The Sun’s at 18 Libra, shining a light on relationship stuff – what’s fair, what is whose responsibility, what it takes to get on the same page. Included in this is that each person has at the same time the responsibility to hear […]