Aquarius New Moon Channeled Meditation MP3

Get grounded and then explore Aquarian themes of the new moon including objectivity, freedom, leaving behind what once may have rocked but has become stale, inventiveness, and launching new goals. […]

Gemini Full Moon Meditation MP3

The full moon takes place Wednesday, 25Nov15 at 2:44pm Pacific. As always, we begin with grounding and moving out old energies. Then Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and […]

Saturn Square Neptune

Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel Tom Jacobs  discusses the Saturn-Neptune square currently unfolding, exact 26Nov15 in Sagittarius and Pisces, respectively. Monthly and yearly subscribers to Tom’s service receive an […]

Asteroid and Centaur Report, 18Sep15

Most of these bodies and points are covered in the Asteroid and Centaur Video Course, which recently wrapped up. Learn how to understand 11 archetypes I include in my work […]

Saturn in Sagittarius MP3

Saturn re-enters Sagittarius this week (17Sep15), ending its time in Scorpio for a few decades. Lately, many have been pressed to get down into the depths one more time, challenged […]

Pisces Full Moon Meditation MP3

Following grounding and releasing unneeded energies, I describe the themes of the full moon of needing to release, and leading you through a number of self-interested decisions to release blocks […]

Asteroid and Centaur Report, 21Aug15

The class I’m teaching about these archetypes is underway, and you can still join in. Or, get the videos and pdfs for later use. I’m teaching those in the class […]

The Asteroid & Centaur Report, 17Jul15

Here’s another installment in the Friday series! Doing astrology well includes being aware of what’s going on in the sky. I tend to default to use of astrology as a […]

The Asteroid & Centaur Report, 10Jul15

I’m loving doing these each week, to tell you the truth. Doing forecasty things on a regular basis for me has peaked with monthly videos and mp3s for my subscribers, […]

Asteroid & Centaur Report, 03Jul15

Here’s the 3rd in a fun little series of posts to get you acquainted with the asteroids and other bodies (and one point) I use in my practice that might […]

Asteroid & Centaur Report, 26Jun15

As part of a new series of posts each Friday, I’ll go over the transits of the asteroids and centaurs I use in my practice. See the first post from […]

TSJ Tonight at 7pm Pacific: A Karma Show

Listen live tonight Wednesday, 10Jun15 at 7pm Pacific. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and get access to the archive, or sign for my subscription service to get an insider’s […]

Saturn in Sagittarius

For almost 3 years (including a dip back into Scorpio during its next retro period), the planet of hard work and sacrifice will travel through the sign of expansion, faith, […]

Karmic Profile: Film Maker Wes Craven

It’s Halloween and I’m thinking about the pull that horror entertainment has for us. This morning I heard an interview including Wes Craven and decided to look up his chart. […]

New Video: Grand Water Trine

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel helping you understand what your soul is here to do and how to make it happen with grace, ease, and joy. Book […]

Karmic Profile: John Wayne Bobbitt

Today is Mr. Bobbitt’s birthday. While it’s been a long time since I did a karmic birthday profile like this, something told me to look at his chart. A few […]

Moon Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Today

At 11:15 am Pacific time today Moon makes an exact conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. To make the best use of this aspect, feel into what lies under the surface. […]

Thursday 2/21 on The Soul’s Journey Radio

Live at 6 pm Pacific 2/21 I’ll cover the current focus in Pisces including Sun conjunct Neptune to explain how to understand this mainly misunderstood sign. Mercury in Pisces and […]

Saturn is now in Scorpio

The Saturn in Scorpio MP3 is on sale today only – 20% off. This almost 3-year transit will ask us to get to the bottom of power dynamics of all […]

Cleanse Update, Day 20

Here’s a quick update: Most of me still cannot believe that this sort of thing happens, let alone that I would do or am doing it. I had smooth sailing […]

Mars Conjunct Saturn in Libra

It’s taking place while even the chickens will be slumbering tomorrow morning Pacific time, but we’ve been feeling the ramp-up for days if not weeks. The skinny: Mars wants action. […]

Conscious Revolution Episode 5

I discuss making changes for the better in terms of perceptions of strength and willpower versus being loving and in alignment with your whole being. An example from my own […]

Self-care: Thoughts on a Juice Cleanse

I’ve been quiet here for more than a week, which truthfully seems much longer. After the last Full Moon call with Ascended Master Djehuty I began what might be a […]

Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Listen to episode 3 of the new podcast Conscious Revolution to hear about Mercury’s retrograde in Leo, a wrap-up of the Venus and Saturn retros, the lingering effects of the […]

Venus Retrograde, 15May-27Jun12

For days I’ve been meaning to write a post on Venus’s retrograde period, but other priorities have come forward. It’s to be expected with Venus stationing retrograde (appearing from our […]

Resolutions: What, Why, and How

Our whole lives we’ve heard others make resolutions. Many of us have grown up to be the kind of people who make them. They are a deeply-rooted part of our […]

Today’s Capricorn New Moon

A new moon a couple of days after the Winter Solstice continues the invitation to spend quiet time within. New moons are for feeling and sensing into what’s up and […]

Full Moon of Libra Tonight

This is going down at 18 Libra-Aries. The Sun’s at 18 Libra, shining a light on relationship stuff – what’s fair, what is whose responsibility, what it takes to get […]

Unraveling Karma Episode 26

In this episode, I take a look at the members of the Cardinal t-square we’ve been talking about since last year – Saturn is now direct in Libra, Uranus has […]

Sale: 20% Off Books

Get a 20% discount on each of my seven books in paperback by using the links below – it does not apply to Amazon, Kindle and orders through me. Each […]

Unraveling Karma Episode 24

I discuss Chiron’s entrance into Pisces (February 8th, 2011), answer listener questions from Teresa and Khor, and talk about Saturn’s retro through Libra (now to mid June 2011).  56 minutes. […]