Compassionate Awareness

Download the new Capricorn Full Moon Meditation MP3

The first in a new series of lunation meditation mp3s will take you into a meditative space and then explore the themes of the full moon: a) the full moon itself re needs, feelings, and maturity, b) Mars-Eros-Arjunsuri conjunct the Sun, c) Pluto conjunct the Moon, and d) Vesta in […]

TSJ Tonight at 7pm Pacific: A Karma Show

Listen live tonight Wednesday, 10Jun15 at 7pm Pacific. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and get access to the archive, or sign for my subscription service to get an insider’s guide for each month with the show archive included as a perk. Read about and enter the new monthly drawing […]

Wedsnesday, 13Apr at 7pm Pacific on The Soul’s Journey: Akashic Reader Teza Zialcita

An interview with Akashic Records Reader and Teacher Teza Zialcita will be featured on this week’s show! I’ll interview Teza on how she began with reading the records, what she’s learned about herself, and how she helps guide others along a process of healing using the records and the compassion […]

Feedback on Charged Red Jasper: “Draining the poison out of me, giving me clarity.”

I’m so happy to have found this in my email inbox this morning! The kind of effect you’ll read below is why I’ve created the red jasper stones and energetically programmed them. There’s no need for us to carry guilt, shame, hatred, or any other powerful negative emotion regarding our […]

Transformative, Empowering Healing Calls Begin Thursday, March 26

This Thursday begins a series of 4 channeled energy work calls to unwind the sources of grief and trauma. I’ll bring through Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) to begin a process of taking you deep into Plutonian territory that many of us don’t […]

New in Kindle: Autism: Individual, Family, and Collective Invitations

This new e-book is a transcription of the channeled audio I brought through from Ascended Master Djehuty in late 2012 on autism from the perspective of soul and All That Is, a.k.a. Goddess/God, the Divine, etc. From the Kindle listing: Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) offers […]

Dear Diary: Using Programmed Onyx, 26Feb15

The onyx pictured here is the 2nd set, which will be programmed/charged for Plutonian empowerment and healing soon. When this 2nd set is ready to go, I’ll post again here and on Facebook/Twitter. In this pic, mixed in with the tumbled black onyx are pieces of tumbled banded onyx.  All […]

Tonight on The Soul’s Journey at 7pm Pacific

Listen live tonight, 25Feb15 at 7pm Pacific, and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. To have full access to the archive of 118 episodes of the show, check out the yearly archive option or become a subscriber to my monthly service that gives you an in-depth, evolutionary user’s manual for […]

Autism: What if it’s all about consciousness?

I’m offering to a small number of US-based parents with autistic children and autistic adults a charged/programmed crystal that may help anchor a person’s consciousness in this dimension. From conversations with the ascended master I channel (Djehuty, a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin), autism looks to be not about a neurological […]

April-May 2015: 2 Vancouvers & a Portland

I’ll be in Vancouver, BC and the Portland, OR area from April 17th – May 4th. Details are taking shape, with more unfolding. As of now: Vancouver, BC Friday-Sunday, 17-19April: Body, Soul, & Spirit Expo. I’ll be doing readings/energy work sessions and discussing my work and tools for spiritual evolution […]

Gender & Soul and Bruce Jenner & Chelsea Manning Karmic Profiles

Listen live tonight, 18Feb15 at 7pm Pacific, and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. To have full access to the archive of 117 episodes of the show, check out the yearly archive option or become a subscriber to my monthly service that gives you an in-depth, evolutionary user’s manual for […]

Processing Trauma & Grief Calls Beginning in March 2015

Read the flier with full details. Click here for a previous post on charged onyx and channeled information on trauma. Highlights: Four 60-minute calls on Thursdays at 7pm Pacific: March 26, April 2, 9, & 16. Mp3s are available. Register by the end of Friday, February 13th and I’ll send […]

A.M. Djehuty on Trauma, PTSD, and Charged Onyx

The 26-page PDF is now complete! It’s a must-read for all needing to understand and/or process trauma/PTSD. Ascended Master Djehuty explains what’s going on these situations and suggests healing solutions, including how to work with the charged onyx crystals I’ve just produced and made available.  Currently 15 are listed on […]

Intuitive Skills Development I Course begins February 21, 2015

Beginning Saturday, February 21st for 10 Saturdays, I’ll teach another round of my Intuitive Skills Development I course. It’s a self-care course, and a honest-assessment-of-who-you-truly-are course. It’s a get-to-the-bottom-of-what-hurts course, as well as a learn-to-heal-what-hurts course. It’s an empowering course that will change how you see yourself and your history, […]

Upcoming The Soul’s Journey episodes + Increasing Immunity deal

Each Wednesday at 7pm Pacific, I let loose the my Scorpio/Sagittarius self to share what I’ve learned and am learning on my path. I’ve posted the upcoming schedule (subject to change) on my site’s show page. Tomorrow night, 19Nov14, the tentative topic is “Stop Killing Yourself,” including thoughts on dealing […]

Beginning October 1st: Daily Energy Work/Meditation Calls with MP3s

Click on the graphic to the left to read all the details and register for this transformative experience. For 22 days in October, I’ll bring through Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) to tune you to their level of empowered, self-confident, self-loving vibration. If you’ve […]

Early-bird Registration for October’s Daily Energy Work Calls + MP3s Open Until 9/20

The process in August introduced callers to a daily meditation practice that connected them to the wisdom of Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron. Major life changes were seen by many who participated, to the point that I’m inspired to offer it again. The next opportunity to connect with these […]

Saturday, 20Sep14: Portland, OR Meditation/Channeling Event

Basics: Saturday, September 2o, 2014 3-5pm. Sliding scale $20-40. The Peoples Yoga, 3016 NE Killingsworth, Portland OR 97211 People who have done this with me before say: “Profound.” “Super-powerful.” “A lot of garbage has definitely been cleared out.” “I had a deep emotional release.” “Amazing, powerful stuff.” “Frikking awesome.” Full […]

Vancouver, WA on 9/18: Heart Opening and Clearing Meditation

Basics: Thursday, September 18, 2014 7:30-9:30pm. Sliding scale $20-40. Celestial Awakenings, 6610 Hwy 99, Vancouver, WA 98665 (360) 896-2207 People who have done this with me before say: “Profound.” “Super-powerful.” “A lot of garbage has definitely been cleared out.” “I had a deep emotional release.” “Amazing, powerful stuff.” “Frikking awesome.” […]

Collected Feedback from Callers to August’s Daily Energy Work/Channeling

Tonight at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern I’ll do a debrief call for all who participated in August’s daily energy work/channeling/meditation calls. The number is the same as for the daily calls, available in the PDF containing the details. It’s a chance for you to discuss your experience if you called in […]

Daily Energy Work Calls Continue – and a Debrief Call Tuesday, 02Sep14

The daily calls continue to go well! Each day through Sunday, 31Aug14 I’ll channel Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) for 20 minutes at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern. Each day there’s a teaching and clearing, empowering energy work for all callers. Click the graphic to […]

Every day in August 2014: Energy work and connection with guides

Announcing daily energy work and connection with guides and masters in August! Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) and Archangel Metatron will come through and you’ll be able to join to their frequencies each day for clearing the past, boosting, and seeding good stuff. We’ll also invite your […]

A client gives me feedback on her charged red jasper crystal

“I started working with the charged brecciated red jasper stone I received from Tom a little over a month ago, and the effects have been nothing short of profound. “Emotional/spiritual effects: I consider myself an empath and sensitive who sometimes experiences energetic imbalances, chronically placing others’ needs above my own and […]

July 7th: Healing the effects of abuse channeling/energy work event

Monday, July 7, 2014, 6-7:30pm Pacific. $33. $20 for subscribers to my monthly service. Register via PayPal or contact me to use another form of payment. During this event, I will channel Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron while we together do energy work to help you transform the effects […]

Free Download: Karmic Profile of Former BBC Presenter Jimmy Savile

A new 78-minute free MP3 covers Jimmy Savile’s karmic journey to understand why he was wired the way he was: pedophile, sexual predator, necrophiliac. Major astrological themes explored: Pluto retrograde, Pluto in Cancer, Pluto conjunct the North Node, Nessus, Eris in Aries, and Persephone. Special attention is given to transforming […]

Activating and Rebalancing the 2nd Chakra

The first round of brecciated red jasper crystals have now been charged in two rounds. Going through that process as the channel, my 2nd chakra is now activated in various ways. This post is intended to summarize what I’m experiencing now so those interested in a charged piece of this […]

4 Channeled Books Now in Large Print Editions

From mid-2010 to mid-2011 a lot of my time and energy went to opening myself as a channel to bring through a number of messages from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). Some were spoken and some were typed, yet at the end of this busy time […]

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying now available on Amazon & Kindle

To the left are the covers of the new channeled book Conscious Living, Conscious Dying (paperback on the left, Kindle on the right). Beginning today this important new material is available as paperback through Amazon and my site and as an e-book via Kindle. This is the most important information […]

We’re learning about the power of the energies we vibrate.

We’re energetic beings, not bodies with minds or minds with bodies as we’ve been taught. All that occurs in our lives does so because we are vibrating thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. What happens to and comes to us results from these vibrations. Conscious Living, Conscious Dying is the new channeled […]

Live tonight at 7pm Pacific on The Soul’s Journey: The Logic of Soul

Adoption, homosexuality, and other human experiences that seem out of the norm can confound the human brain – the linear, logical mind that often does our astrology. In this episode I’ll discuss the logic of soul that determines human experiences and how to approach some major themes including the two […]

Recent and Upcoming The Soul’s Journey Episodes

Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes using this link. Make a donation to support the show here. A comment by a listener who heard this past Wednesday’s show: I listened to the replay and must let you know how interesting and knowledgeable you are. One sentence fragment, “running down the […]

Live Tonight at 7pm Pacific on The Soul’s Journey: Sexual Energy Anatomy

Listen live at 7pm Pacific tonight, Wednesday 12/4/13, via the link on the right side of this page. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes to hear past episodes to keep up with new episodes as they are produced. Make a donation to support the show whether one-time or recurring. The […]

Becoming Present

The short answer on how to become present is to move the past out of your field so you can be what you are. Whatever you carry from the past serves to keep you in the past. I’m talking about what happens when you think of something from the past […]

The recording of the Libra Full Moon Grounding/Release call with Djehuty is available

You can receive the MP3 of last night’s Libra Full Moon call with Ascended Master Djehuty. He takes you through a process of getting deeply grounded and opening the root chakra before explaining the opportunity of the Libra Full Moon. Then he leads you through a process of affirmations and […]

Karmic Profile: John Wayne Bobbitt

Today is Mr. Bobbitt’s birthday. While it’s been a long time since I did a karmic birthday profile like this, something told me to look at his chart. A few things jumped out at me when I did and I’ll explore them below. First, many people know who he is […]

The recording of the channeled Virgo Full Moon call is now available

Last night I channeled Ascended Master Djehuty for a group of callers to get deeply grounded, understand the Virgo Full Moon including Neptune and Chiron conjunct the Sun and Jupiter in Gemini square it. (Wondering who Djehuty is? Click here.) Affirmations to release energies that are no longer needed as […]

Live Tonight at 6 Pacific: Adventures in Consciousness Part II

Tonight live on The Soul’s Journey radio show I’ll pick up where I left off last week talking about some altered states to do with expanding consciousness and healing past-life issues. This show will extend the series of conversations about living a Neptunian life in conscious, aware, proactive ways. I’ll […]

Join us Tuesday, 11/27 for the Full Moon call with Ascended Master Djehuty

Tuesday I’ll channel the Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) to get you deeply grounded to the Earth and release old energies of all kinds. Each month I host one of these calls that regular participants have called “amazing,” “healing,” “profound,” and “seismic.” They are great opportunities […]

Chiron in Pisces is Now Direct

At just under 5 Pisces, Chiron is now direct. Its 5-month retro period had us rethinking the use of compassion and navigating opportunities to get over our small wounds and hypersensitivities in order to see the big picture. Where did your wound come from? Who’s responsible for your emotional health […]

The The Remedy for Scorpionic Intensity, Drama, Anger, and Chaos: A Taurus Full Moon

The Taurus Full Moon presents the remedy for all the drama that’s been coming up fro under the surface. The recording of last night’s Taurus Full Moon Grounding and Release call will take you through a process to get underneath the intense feelings, ground, and get centered so you can […]

The Recording of the June 3rd Sagittarius Full Moon Grounding/Releasing Call is Available

Offered on the same donation basis as the call (suggested $10-25), this recording is now available. Click here to go to the donation page or read more below. Ascended Master Djehuty begins this transformative call with a discussion of belief and puts it in context with the Sagittarius Full Moon […]

Healing the Results of Sexual Violence

Last Summer when on tour to channel Ascended Master Djehuty for people in California, Oregon, and Washington State, a colleague in Eugene, OR looked over the Goddess Past, Present, and Future book I had just published and that formed the impetus for the tour. She thumbed through parts of it […]

Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces: The Truth About Your Health

Pluto in Capricorn Set the Stage, Neptune in Pisces Asks if You Will Act in Compassionate Self-Interest The version of reality instilled by allopathic medicine is crumbling as we speak. Our bodies have been speaking to us and our emotional centers are becoming attuned to truth to the point that […]

Free Conference Call, January 28th: Rethinking Responsibility

After a channeled message from Ascended Master Djehuty on where we are as we begin the year 2012, I will frame Mars’ retrograde in Virgo, Saturn’s retrograde in Libra, and Neptune’s entrance into Pisces in terms of the opportunities for evolution and transformation available to us now. Each of these […]

Sweaters and Sweets: Memories of Holidays Ready to be Healed

What I’d like to share with you today revealed itself through a layered thought process. Here’s the rundown to save each of us some time (and me some confessional vulnerability): Woke up craving baked goods; don’t wish to eat baked goods; wish to be free of butter, sugar, and chocolate. […]

Unraveling Karma Episode 27

In this final episode of “Unraveling Karma,” I explain the recent stations direct of Chiron and Neptune, and their conjunction in Pisces and Aquarius, respectively. Then I go into Neptune’s entrance to Pisces (February 3, 2012) and what their time in Pisces together will present and ask of us. Next, […]

Annoucing an Important New E-book, “Conscious Revolution: Tools for 2012 and Beyond”

I’m proud to release today an important new e-book, Conscious Revolution: Tools for 2012 and Beyond. It collects five channeled teachings I’ve offered as individual MP3s that the Ascended Master Djehuty originally intended to be offered as a set. Understanding and working with intuition and Spirit Guides, manifestation and creation, […]

Announcing Soul Healing: Nourish, a New E-course to Heal Relationships With Food, Eating, and Self-care

Many of us are ready to heal our relationship with food. As we hurtle through space-time toward the end of the Mayan Calendar, we are each challenged to heal what in our souls’ various lives has not been healed. If we carry energy in our fields and do not heal, […]

Lilith: Channeling Anger

Over the last few years, I’ve been working on channeling my anger at the suppression of the feminine down creative avenues. It’s actually pretty hard – much harder than I anticipated. The thread of discontent in me runs incredibly deep, and since I’ve been doing work with clients to help […]


Recently, I was in a group of about ten healers of various kinds, and someone said, “Talking to dead people – that’s a gift I’d never want to have!” It got me thinking because that’s a gift I do have. My experiences as a medium have been some of the […]

Get Your Flashlights.

A handful of years ago a friend gave me some recordings of Barbara Marciniak channeling Pleiadians. I did some spotty listening at the time but couldn’t track the vibration. The last few days I’ve been listening to them in order. And this just came out of my computer speakers: “If you […]