Asteroid & Centaur Report, 20Jan16

Most of the bodies covered here are included in the Asteroid & Centaur video class, FYI. Let’s start off with Ceres: In late Aquarius now, its 2015 retro period had […]

One More Day for AstroSummit 2.0!

I’m happy to be part of this amazing event that’s drawing so many astrology people together! It started Saturday, 10/10 and goes through Saturday, 10/17. Each of the presentations is […]

Asteroid and Centaur Report, 18Sep15

Most of these bodies and points are covered in the Asteroid and Centaur Video Course, which recently wrapped up. Learn how to understand 11 archetypes I include in my work […]

The Asteroid & Centaur Report, 05Sep15

The live Asteroid and Centaur Video Course is wrapping up this week, and you can order the 5.5 hours of videos, 5 PowerPoint presentations, and 5 PDF handouts with all […]

Asteroid and Centaur Report, 21Aug15

The class I’m teaching about these archetypes is underway, and you can still join in. Or, get the videos and pdfs for later use. I’m teaching those in the class […]

Asteroid & Centaur Report, 31Jul15

Tuesday begins the Asteroid and Centaur live video class I’ll use to teach how to use many of the archetypes covered here in birth charts (hear the intro mp3 for […]

The Asteroid & Centaur Report, 10Jul15

I’m loving doing these each week, to tell you the truth. Doing forecasty things on a regular basis for me has peaked with monthly videos and mp3s for my subscribers, […]

Asteroid & Centaur Report, 03Jul15

Here’s the 3rd in a fun little series of posts to get you acquainted with the asteroids and other bodies (and one point) I use in my practice that might […]

Asteroid & Centaur Report, 26Jun15

As part of a new series of posts each Friday, I’ll go over the transits of the asteroids and centaurs I use in my practice. See the first post from […]

Sale: 20% Off Books

Get a 20% discount on each of my seven books in paperback by using the links below – it does not apply to Amazon, Kindle and orders through me. Each […]

Unraveling Karma Episode 24

I discuss Chiron’s entrance into Pisces (February 8th, 2011), answer listener questions from Teresa and Khor, and talk about Saturn’s retro through Libra (now to mid June 2011).  56 minutes. […]

Profile: French Writer Jean Genet

Genet is not well known outside certain circles, but he’s a remarkable example of reliving karma. Because of this,  I think there’s an important point about changing karma that can […]