A New Year’s Guide for Energetic Beings

A New Year’s Guide for Energetic Beings, updated for 2016, is now posted. It’s about approaching a new year with conscious intent as we wrap up a year almost complete. […]

Manifesting Health

Recently I’ve been asked a few times in different contexts what I’m interested/into in astrology these days. It’s all about the links between energy, consciousness, and health on all levels. […]

Part 3: Effectively Working Through Grief

Read part 1 and part 2. Following the intuitive body work session last Sunday, I’ve been markedly different. Something’s gone. I’m less defensive or, at least, am carrying less inner […]

Increasing Immunity of All Kinds

As of the end of the Mayan Calendar, the separations between dimensions or worlds have been dissolving or dissolved. This means many things, but in terms of the healing path […]

Chiron in Pisces is Now Direct

At just under 5 Pisces, Chiron is now direct. Its 5-month retro period had us rethinking the use of compassion and navigating opportunities to get over our small wounds and […]

Announcing a new book: Djehuty Speaks

The new volume combines the four channeled books from Ascended Master Djehuty that I’ve published. Approaching Love, Understanding Loss and Death, Goddess Past, Present, and Future, and Conscious Revolution: Tools […]

Neptune Enters Pisces Today

Overall, this ingress is an opportunity to come to know ourselves as spiritual, divine beings having human experiences, and not the sum of our histories and memories. Before the wonderful […]

Mars Retrograde

Mars now appears to be in backward motion from the Earth’s perspective. The energy affects us when it comes to desire, action, the use of will, self-assertion/-defense, and standing up […]

Neptune Goes Direct Today

Neptune is the planet of truth and illusion. It allows us to connect to higher realms and other dimensions, as well as escape the truth of what’s in front of […]

Portland, OR Events 7/13-15

Tonight in Portland at 7 PM I’ll give a talk called “Re-envisioning Chiron” – call me at (213) 925-6019 to RSVP and get the address. The flier with details is […]

July Events in Oregon and Washington

I’ll be in Oregon and Washington next month to do a number of channeling events on the return of the Goddess and 2012, and an astrology event in Portland on […]

New book: Goddess Past, Present, and Future

I’m excited to announce the third channeled teaching in book form from the Ascended Master Djehuty, a.k.a. Thoth and St. Germain. Released this week, Goddess Past, Present, and Future covers […]

Boundaries with Djehuty, 6/5

I will channel the Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth and St Germain) about boundaries – what they are, how to have them, and why they are needed. As we hurtle […]

6/5: A Call with Djehuty on Boundaries

I will channel the Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth and St Germain) about boundaries – what they are, how to have them, and why they are needed. As we hurtle […]

Sale: 20% Off Books

Get a 20% discount on each of my seven books in paperback by using the links below – it does not apply to Amazon, Kindle and orders through me. Each […]

Uranus into Aries

Much has been and will be said about the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan being a result or possible result of Uranus’ entrance into Aries. The fact that the […]

Unraveling Karma Episode 24

I discuss Chiron’s entrance into Pisces (February 8th, 2011), answer listener questions from Teresa and Khor, and talk about Saturn’s retro through Libra (now to mid June 2011).  56 minutes. […]

New channeled e-book: “Djehuty: Approaching Love”

I’m announcing a new e-book of channeled material, “Djehuty: Approaching Love”. I recently began channeling this Ascended Master outside of client sessions and research/writing. I’ve been recording him speaking through […]

End of Year Deals

Until the end of the year, I’m offering three awesome deals: 1. Free domestic shipping on any/all of my 5 books, and discounted international shipping (contact me for details): The […]

Unraveling Karma Episode 23

I announce the new Chiron MP3 course and answer two listener questions. Elke writes to ask about taking a major leap in her life soon and Dana asks about her […]

New Podcast: Living Consciously

Announcing a new podcast to support you in living more consciously as an energetic being, a major invitation of the shifts taking place now that culminate at the end of […]

Unraveling Karma Episode 19

Departing from the usual format, I talk about an example of unraveling karma from my own life and then offer some recent thoughts on the process of healing and releasing […]

Chiron In Pisces

Chiron will enter Pisces for a bit coming up before its annual retrograde cycle. It will be in the sign of connectedness and surrender from April 21 to July 21. […]

Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron, 21-24 Aquarius

Whatever it is, they’re still at it. (Check here for links to two articles I wrote earlier in the year on this transiting trio.) “Whatever it is” happens to be […]

The Mayan Calendar and its End

I went to a talk last night, via the Tucson Metaphysical meetup, on 2012. About 40% of what I’ve channeled on it overlapped with what she’s channeled, and it was […]

Channeling on Difficult Experiences

To prepare for the changes happening on Earth and that are coming, we’re all being asked to clean up old business. Beliefs, attitudes and ideas head the list, as they […]

Relationship Questions

Ask any astrologer what drives people to have readings and relationships are in the top 3, often number 1. The last few years I’ve been watching my take on relationships […]

The Sky & 2012

The end of the Mayan Calendar seems to be begging us to ask about what will happen. It can seem the first thing to do for those into astrology is […]

(Radio) Fear & (Radio) Love

On Fear: In a now-rare opening of my home to the frequency of fear of mainstream radio (NPR – I guess it’s not even that mainstream!), I heard a story […]

Why Talk About 2012 Now?

Tonight I realized that it might not be clear why I’m talking about this so much (and writing a natal report and hosting meditation evenings related to it). Maybe you’ve […]

What to Do in Case of 2012

A friend called me tonight to ask just what’s up with this 2012 business – what’s going to happen? He’d just heard from someone some doomsday predictive stuff, and I’d […]

A New Natal Report

“Living in the Present Tense: A Personal Astrological 2012 Prep Course” The end of the Mayan Calendar is on a lot of people’s minds, and just what will happen and […]