Capricorn Full Moon Event Tonight at 6pm Pacific

capfmIf you’re in Tucson come over to my house – details here. Otherwise, call in to receive the amazing benefits of Ascended Master Djehuty doing energy and release work for you.

The event begins promptly at 6pm Pacific. Registration for calling in is open until 5pm Pacific, the last time I will check my email before the event.

Read more about the phone call side of things and register via PayPal here. You can also call me at (213) 925-6019 to provide a debit or credit card. The fee is a sliding scale donation of $10-25.

If you can’t make the call you can get the recording, which will be available within an hour or two of the event’s end. (Register for the call like normal – even if after the call – and let me know via email that you just want the link afterward.) I will send you a link to download the MP3 and you can use it to the same effects as those experiencing it live – energy work by Djehuty, a grounding meditation that heals, and a series of empowering affirmations to release attitudes, energies, and beliefs that don’t or no longer work for you.

These calls are transformative and I strongly encourage you to join in or get the MP3!

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