Decoding Neptune: How Do You Know What’s True?

header_home1On some recent episodes of The Soul’s Journey radio show I’ve explored aspects of living a Neptunian life in conscious ways. I’ve done that in part because living the life/working the job that I do (they are essentially the same) I have to work through Neptunian fog on a regular basis. Things can get confusing both in non-mental info sources surrounding a person as well as our normal human tendency to trust what is shiny because we’d like that it turn out to be true.

I often use the image of fog. Neptune presents a fog and we have to learn to see through it. Things that are or might not be true surround us and we have to learn to discern what is true so we don’t deceive ourselves, fall for illusion, and/or get lost.

We love falling for what seems true and can get ourselves in tail spins trying to discern the actual truth.  That is, once we find out that the thing we fell for isn’t in fact real. How to get through this?

We have to train ourselves to live with Neptune in conscious ways. I reject the idea that we can’t really talk about or understand Neptune, an idea far too prevalent in astrology. It’s floating around out there because our Mercurial minds cannot grasp what the Neptune thing is all about and so they essentially throw their arms up in the air while making it seem like Neptune is inscrutable.

I can assure you that Neptune is knowable.

The fog that comes and goes with Neptune serves the purpose of inspiring us over time to learn to look through and beyond it.

How to do this, you ask? You have to learn to live with your own Neptunian self while staying grounded and clear about what is really happening.

February 3rd begins my Intuitive Skills Development class in which you will learn about your non-Mercurial ways of knowing, including Neptune. The course is a tour through your psyche and consciousness – and therefore your energy field – that will teach you to deal with Neptune in a way that allows for your own personal evolution of consciousness.

Tools and perspectives I’ve gained, learned, developed, and practiced over the last decade – since my intuitive opening/awakening – will be brought in as well as meditation with and energy work by Ascended Master Djehuty, a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin. I channel him on a regular basis and together we will work with you to clean up things in your field (memories, beliefs, and karma) that keep you from knowing and/or trusting your intuition.

I took a class with similar goals some years ago and with this am adding in perspectives gained from mediumship work and my time with Djehuty. This is a chance for you to learn to get deeply grounded, open your heart, and learn essential tools to clear out your energy field now and from past experiences.

We are all challenged now to know what’s true and to trust our process for discerning it. Many are challenged now to learn to overcome their own fears and cease taking on the fears of others – this course will teach you the basics of these important skills.

Join me on February 3rd for this chance to upgrade your experience of being human and improve how your time on Earth unfolds.

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