Full Moon of Libra Tonight

This is going down at 18 Libra-Aries. The Sun’s at 18 Libra, shining a light on relationship stuff – what’s fair, what is whose responsibility, what it takes to get on the same page. Included in this is that each person has at the same time the responsibility to hear […]

Moon Void of Course in Pisces until Monday Morning

The Moon is in Pisces now, Void of Course until just before 5 AM Pacific time Monday. This happens in each sign after the Moon makes its last Ptolemaic aspect (these include conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition) with another planetary body before it enters a new sign. The effect […]

Annoucing an Important New E-book, “Conscious Revolution: Tools for 2012 and Beyond”

I’m proud to release today an important new e-book, Conscious Revolution: Tools for 2012 and Beyond. It collects five channeled teachings I’ve offered as individual MP3s that the Ascended Master Djehuty originally intended to be offered as a set. Understanding and working with intuition and Spirit Guides, manifestation and creation, […]