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Profile: Actress/Singer Traci Lords

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 | Astrology, Karma, Lucifer, Pluto | Comments Off on Profile: Actress/Singer Traci Lords

Most days I scan the birthday charts of those listed on’s Astrodatabank. My approach is karmic, so I’m looking at the journey of the soul as it’s shown in the chart. I use a little shorthand for taking apart the story of a chart, and usually I see stories pretty quickly. You can’t see specifics but the themes, and it’s a way for me to check out potential research/profile subjects.

Today, I’m not sure how I got to Traci Lords’ chart (her birthday’s in May). But there I was, and I couldn’t match up parts of her biography with her chart. Until I could, that is, but I’d at that point spent enough time on her chart to make not doing a profile on her a little silly.

One brief bio overview could go like this: Ran away from home as a teenager because of an abusive/molesting stepfather, posed for Penthouse at 15, started performing in porn at 16 and continued until she was 18. Took acting lessons and transitioned into the non-porn side of entertainment. She’s made a successful turn at it, gaining respect for her work though her x-rated past is never quite allowed to be left behind. She’s had a recording career and has written an autobiography, has been married three times and has one child. › Continue reading

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, 31Dec09 at 10 Cancer

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009 | Astrology, Compassionate Awareness, Lunations | Comments Off on Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, 31Dec09 at 10 Cancer

Since Pluto entered Capricorn in early 2008, we’ve all been challenged to tease out the difference between want and need. What we’ve been thinking were needs might turn out really to be wants, and the same the other way around.

Cancer-Capricorn is a lot about family, and how we’re trained to nurture ourselves and think of self-care. Our experience of this axis begins with how we learn from our earliest role models, then continues as we further their ideas and ideals, and then there are some things that creak and grind to a halt…when they turn out not to work for us.

It’s natural that we’re trained by the people who bring us into the world and rear us. Yet we all hit those creaky moments where we have to redefine things for ourselves to be happy and healthy.

During this eclipse, a small part of the Moon will be in shadow. The balance between solar and lunar we usually live with will be tipped a bit into the solar. When a little feeling is eclipsed, we’re left with what the Sun offers. In this case, the Sun in Capricorn wants reality checks. What about your own self-care is it time to get real about? What stuff from your past and history, that you might have learned from family folks, is ready to be evolved beyond?

This idea of role models leads directly to what’s happening in your family relationships. Saturn in Libra isn’t in tight orb to the eclipse (6 degrees), but its trip there is already going to have been calling up fairness and boundary issues. What’s fair? But really: Why do we think what we do about fairness…and what needs to be done to evolve beyond that? This should involve the other people in our lives, yet keep in mind that whatever isn’t working is not anyone’s fault. It’s natural to have to have some reality checks within relationship – keep in mind that how you respond to your speed bumps can serve you in your evolution. And all of our relationships serve us there.

What’s the loudest voice in you re how you care for yourself, how you meet your own needs?

Let the eclipse reveal to you if the loudest voices aren’t the best ones to listen to.

Tom Jacobs is an astrologer, medium and channel in Tucson, AZ. Contact him via his website at

Life And Death And Brittany Murphy

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 | Astrology, Karma | 1 Comment

Some Thoughts Of An Astrologer Who Happens To Be A Medium

Since getting deeply into astrology, I’ve been suspect about looking for indicators of the timing of death in people’s charts. I felt strongly there must be something else at work, something we can’t see in the chart. Just like we can’t see the evolutionary stage of the soul from a person’s chart, I believe we can’t see when a particular transit, progression or solar arc might result in death.

Over the last few years a picture’s been developing in my mind about new ways to look at health in astrological charts. I begin with energy medicine’s perspective that everything’s about energy, and then look at a birth chart in terms of energy. Beliefs, attitudes, psychological and emotional knots, physical issues – it’s all about energy. Energy’s at the root of everything. When we grasp this, how we approach astrology – but really how we approach all of life and our place in the scheme of things – will change. I aim to do this in my work, to address the energetic roots of any and all issues, and I teach others to see charts this way.

It’s also true that as a medium I’ve worked with a number of dead spirits, both those crossed over and those waiting to figure out what the heck happened (that they died) and are not quite ready to cross. Some have shared with me the greater view on their lives and deaths available only to those who’ve passed. I’ve also been guided in meditation back to a death of a previous life associated with my soul (we’d say a past life, but the way I talk about past lives seems to be shifting, so I’m like trying not to pussyfoot around it, but, um yes I can see that I just did…), and saw the higher truth of why that life ended when it did, even as the man felt he was just getting started with the really meaningful part of his life. › Continue reading

Mercury Retrograde (26Dec09-15Jan10)

Sunday, December 20th, 2009 | Astrology, Pluto | Comments Off on Mercury Retrograde (26Dec09-15Jan10)

Stationing retro at 21 Cap on 26Dec, then retroing back to 5 Capricorn on 15Jan10. This image is from, the surface of Mercury. Not what you expected? Its trip through Capricorn is all about realism.

As always, Mercury retros are for seeing into things in new ways. Though many of us don’t allow Mercurial things to work differently, so get stressed when things don’t work the way they’re supposed to. It’s one of the great things astrology can offer us – being aware of the cosmic weather and adjusting to it, learning to live with more grace and ease.

Second-guessing and doubting could be two results for folks during this retro. Capricorn’s all about who’s in charge and what they have to do to get there, so authority could be called into question.  Others’ of course, but really yours. This is what would lead to doubts coming up – Capricorn is where we form long-term strategies and, over the long term, execute them to create things of lasting value. Maybe I didn’t plan this enough, or ask enough realistic questions before I started this project. Maybe what I planned is in reality going to take longer than expected. Or maybe I have to learn something new to make what I’m working on truly worth creating. › Continue reading

Mars Retrograde in Leo (20Dec09 – 10Mar10)

Thursday, December 17th, 2009 | Astrology | Comments Off on Mars Retrograde in Leo (20Dec09 – 10Mar10)

Mars does its biyearly retro thing starting early in the morning on December 20, 2009. The planet of will, action, desire, aggression, and competition will appear from Earth’s perspective to move backward for a little over two and half months.

Right now, it’s stationing retrograde, meaning it’s slowing down before seeming to change direction.

All Mars stuff needs to start working differently. Will, assertion, desire, etc., need to get checked. Be clear about what you really want, because the energy of moving ahead with things might not seem to be your friend in the short term.

We’re not used to energies working differently – hence the mayhem accompanying the thrice-yearly Mercury retros that throw most people into absurd tizzies. But if you know an energy’s working differently, you can adjust your approach and choose more patience, relieving yourself of the need to make life ten times harder for yourself than necessary. › Continue reading

Profile: Novelist Philip Roth

Thursday, December 17th, 2009 | Uncategorized | Comments Off on Profile: Novelist Philip Roth

Recently I watched “Elegy,” a film based on Philip Roth’s novel The Dying Animal. Sir Ben Kingsley, Patricia Clarkson and Peter Sarsgaard cast in the same film are enough to get me to watch it, and I was impressed by Penélope Cruz’s performance (that’s the first time those words have ever emitted from me, for the record).

But I didn’t know this was based on a novel by Roth. I was intrigued not so much by the subject matter as the writing, except when Dennis Hopper was on screen with Kingsley. In those moments, my attention was scattered; I stopped caring about the entire thing utterly and completely. But then the story progressed and I was back in it. After the second of these cycles, I found the link to Roth, and it made total sense to me.

When I first found a few novels of his, I was thrilled. Then I kept reading and found something about him, that came through in the writing, off-putting. It was the same with the Hopper-Kingsley scenes, so I decided to look at his chart to see what annoyance button in me was being pushed (he’s just doing his thing, nothing wrong with it, but I wanted to see why I’ve been bothered by him these last 15ish years).

March 19 1933, 1 AM, Newark NJ (rated AA)

First thing I noticed is that 5th house Chiron in Taurus. Then the Moon in Capricorn in the 1st. And then Ceres in Pisces conjunct the Pisces North Node (NN). › Continue reading

Current Events Profile: Tiger Woods

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 | Astrology, Chiron, Compassionate Awareness, Karma, Lilith, Pluto | Comments Off on Current Events Profile: Tiger Woods

Three blog posts in one day?? Rare for me. I’m pulling my head out of a book in process, and realizing there are other things to say and ways to say them. I’ve heard vague hints about what’s been up with Tiger Woods, and thought I’d take a look at his chart to see what he’s being asked to do to grow at the soul level.

Before even looking at Woods’ chart, let me say that this is another example of Pluto in Capricorn challenging our notions of authority, but really who’s worth looking up to. Woods has become a symbol of many things to many people, from aspiring athletes to those interested in challenging racial boundaries to middle-state folks watching a lot of Oprah who appreciate charming/dashing/unobtrusive and youngish, adorable men.

The question for folks who look up to him is if the admissions from him about his extramarital behavior warrant dropping him as a role model. I’m not telling you my opinion or what to think, just pointing out that this is for the people watching the story a lot about Pluto’s revelation of our assumptions and preferences regarding role models. Capricorn’s about the people we look up to, and when we become such people, and Pluto transiting it tearing down our assumptions so we can rebuild things that’ll work better for us.

Moving on to his chart:

December 30, 1975, 10:50 PM, Long Beach CA (rated AA)

First thing to say is that with Pluto in the 1st house, his soul is choosing to explore being empowered as a human (feeling separate from the Source in a discrete body, etc.) by being some kind of leader. By learning to develop a sense of personal power through using his body (athletics), and being an agent of change (Pluto in the 1st makes decisions, is an example to others, initiates change through behavior). Through the lens of Libra, he’s going to try to do this without making many waves. The soul’s mission is about being powerful, but finding out what’s appropriate, what kind of middle road can be found, how not to offend others – being powerful while also bringing peace and harmony. He’s also trying to learn to be powerful yet also be in relationships with equals.

As far as recent events, here’s a rundown on the pressures he’s experiencing that jumped out to me. Remember that all of these pressures are to support him in his evolution, even if/as the accompanying experiences stink.
› Continue reading

Profile: Jazz Pianist, Composer & Orchestra Leader Stan Kenton

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

It’s his birthday today, and as one of my favorites in the music world, he gets a profile.

In my early 20s, I heard the Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps playing some big band jazz music at a show that threatened to yank my socks off my socked feet, if only my jaw was not resting on those socked feet, preventing desockification. The composer turned out to be Johnny Richards, but the big bands with which Richards for a long time associated were Stan Kenton’s various bands.

I started learning about Kenton and listening to his music. The more I heard from him, the more it stood out among other big bands. There was always an edge – if a ballad, something gently moving that was different. If latin jazz, incredibly complex and making my hairs a-quiver. Once he began his own band (after years of playing in others’ bands), he never stopped innovating.

So, me with my Uranus in the 1st house loves his story (and feeling electrified by music) as much as the rest of me loves the music his bands played (except for chunks in the 1970s when his ear sounds to mine extremely cheesy).

December 15, 1911, 10 PM, Wichita KS (rated AA)

A few things stand out to me in the chart. The first is retrograde Pluto in Gemini/11th, and the second is Sun-Lilith in Sagittarius on the cusp of the 5th – they’re in opposition. Retro Pluto in Gemini/11th says that to be empowered in life, he needs to communicate forward-looking things. He needs to find the envelope and then push it, and then keep doing it to see how far it can be pushed. Gemini’s about curiosity, with Pluto here the soul mission of asking questions and gathering data, and communicating. The 11th is what we want the future to look like and the people and groups we idenfity and ally with to help us get there. His itch to start his own band speaks to this need: To go in his own direction with people who want to go off in exciting, perhaps weird-seeming new directions. When big bands went out of style when bebop took over, Kenton was one of the very few band leaders still leading a successful band (another being Maynard Ferguson, who embraced bebop readily and ran with it). › Continue reading

New Moon at 24 Sagittarius, 16Dec09

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 | Astrology, Lunations | Comments Off on New Moon at 24 Sagittarius, 16Dec09

December 16, 2009, 5:02 AM MST.

New Moons are for new beginnings, with something being born from the darkness. Each month, there’s an opportunity for renewal and new seeds to be planted.

Sagittarius is the lens of the zodiac about expansion, developing faith, and trusting our intuition. When we Sagittarius, we seek the/a/some truth via new experience. It can involve journeys over long distances, whether they’re through space-time or inward – outer and inner landscapes are the grounds for such journeys. In this part of the zodiac, the truth(s) we find are those we either can’t articulate or those that, once articulated, we can’t explain or rationalize.

Answers to Sagittarian questions often center on or lead us to belief. The end goal of this sign is to pick something that feels worth believing in, and then going with that. Running with that. We can trip ourselves up in this mode when we become rigid in our beliefs, crossing the line into dogmatism and even fanaticism.

The new moon here is an opportunity to either reset something about our existing beliefs, or allow ourselves to have more faith in ourselves…or both.

The house 24 Sagittarius falls in in your chart will tell you more about the opportunity for you, whether you’re being asked to reset something or generate some new faith. › Continue reading

Living in the Present Tense: The Antidote to Fantasy

Sunday, December 13th, 2009 | 2012, Chakras, Channeling, Compassionate Awareness, Mayan Calendar | Comments Off on Living in the Present Tense: The Antidote to Fantasy

“Living in the Present Tense” is what I call my approach to adjusting to the energetic shifts taking place now on the planet that will culminate at the end of the Mayan Calendar. In whatever ways you’re reliving your past (emotional wounding from the past you’re still carrying and using to construct the circumstances of your life), or whatever cloud your head is in (living in some fantasy), you need to get present to what’s happening here and now to successfully navigate these changes.

There’s no scorecard, no judges on the sidelines or in boxy marble thrones waiting to hand you red cards or demerits. There’s no perfect score. It’s all about your willingness to be aware of what’s really happening in your life. If you’re willing to be aware, then either tools to gain a present-tense sort of perspective will appear magically in front of you, or people will appear bearing such tools to offer you the opportunity to learn them to support yourself in your evolution. My “Living in the Present Tense” natal report is one such tool to help you look at your history.

I woke up this morning seemingly in mid-thought about romance novels and movies. That they’re 4th chakra/heart porn. I remembered seeing some romantic comedy the other night, one crafted to pull on my heart strings of hope and, of course, not failing to deliver the kind of wonderful ending we seem to want. Beautiful people saying witty things, and running off together in the end after miscommunications and misunderstandings galore. › Continue reading