New: Astrocartography Soundbite MP3s

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mapNow available: Astrocartography Soundbites, 20-minute overview MP3s on what’s waiting for you in up to 2 places on the globe!

Astrocartography is a form of the astrology of place. Using relocated charts, in this new offering I’ll explain what in you is being drawn out as well as why you are drawn to certain places on the globe.

Sometimes we’re a bit transfixed by people who come from places that would activate us were we there. I’ll explain what that place energetically holds for you that such people would represent. And I don’t know about you, but I had a handful of places where, when a kid, I wanted to live. No rhyme or reason for it. And I’ve lived in 2 of them so far and have visited a 3rd numerous times. Using astrocartography now, I get why. Elements of my personality were calling to be drawn out, and having a relationship with particular places was one way to do that.

You’ll need your birth time and to provide me with 1 or 2 places you want me to explore. I will not choose a place for you to live or visit – you must pick the places I read.

Read more and order yours here.

Assorted Notes: On My Moon/IC Line, Chiron’s Two Wounds, and My Approach to Chart Analysis

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tsjgraphicListen live at 7pm Pacific Wednesday, 12Nov14, via the link on the right side of this page.

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This show is another audioletter to you, including thoughts on Chiron’s wounds and why I focus on the rejection at birth, the first wound that most people disregard in favor of the wound that lead to his death. After a few days in Alpine and Encinitas, CA, I describe my experience staying on my Moon/IC line. Finally, I share some thoughts on chart analysis and why I begin with a karmic analysis in every chart no matter what clients ask of me, and then proceed to engage with the chart as a whole.

SoCal: On My Moon/IC Line

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encinitasI’m in Encinitas, CA for a couple of days following Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program meeting. This part of Southern California has my Moon/IC line going over it, which means that were I born here on the same day at the same time as I was born in Ohio, my natal Moon would be on the Nadir (the bottom of the chart or the beginning of the 4th house).

Being on an IC line calls for introspection and quiet, and allowing an inner process to unfold. In Alpine, CA, where Steve’s program is held, I experience a sense of belonging, and one of family. I’ve been going there for 10 years now, but I felt it right away the first time I sat in that group for a 4-day intensive. Coming back now, it’s like visiting family in addition to going to astrology school.

In Encinitas, though, I’m quiet and a bit withdrawn, concerned with emotions and needs. I’ve felt pretty tender the last couple of days, and with little impetus to do anything of practical value, which is my norm as I live on my Saturn/MC line in Tucson, AZ. Normally, I’m doing and planning more doing, feeling pressure to get ideas and tools manifested for others to use.

I’m feeling ridiculously cuddly most of the time and, honestly, can’t think much or very straight. I’m in the process of putting together tomorrow’s The Soul’s Journey radio show, and it’s hard. I’m on the verge of whining to myself that I’d rather not think so hard and really don’t want to have to perform. Not like I’m not into it – no, I am almost whining internally.

Last night there was a moment wherein my girlfriend was getting ready for us to go out and I was playing games on my phone. I was detached from everything and felt like I did as a kid when getting ready to go somewhere, which meant waiting for others to get ready. I think was 8 years old again and when she was ready, I just kind of ambled toward the door and asked, “You know where [our destination] is?” She said she did, and I asked next, “You know how to get there and you’re driving?”

That’s all I needed to know. As long as I wasn’t going to be expected to be or act like an adult.

I can do the show.

I will do the show.

The show will be good.

I can do it.

I will do it.

Today’s Full Moon in Taurus

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That kind of MP3 on a lunation is just one in-depth analysis subscribers to my monthly service receive each month. I think of the full set of materials – often over 2 hours of videos and MP3s covering astrological happenings for the upcoming month – as a user’s manual for the month. My subscribers don’t just know what’s coming – they know what to do with the energies in play during a given month.

Also, since you’re going to need to clear out old energies that have to go if you’re going to stay sane, check out this video on space clearing – and share this link:

Soul’s Journey Soundbites Are Now Available

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After a 2+ month hiatus, these karmic-overview MP3s that explain the major themes of your life are back.

This is a 20-minute MP3 reading that covers the basics of your soul’s journey. I explain the placement and aspects of your Pluto (your soul’s journey), South Node of the Moon (about your karmic conditioning in many lives), the South Node Ruler by sign (you in many lives), and North Node of the Moon (the new thing you need to learn in this life).

It is an option for those wanting to get to know how evolutionary astrology is done, for those who are considering a reading and want to learn about how I work, and also for those looking to learn about their particular karma and past life profile.

A Soul’s Journey Soundbite makes a perfect gift! Each year, people get them for themselves and gift their family and friends with their own. This means each year I find myself doing Soundbites for entire families, which I know will help them understand self and each other better.

Read what clients say about their Soundbites.

Order yours.

Think you need psychic/energetic protection?

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Short answer: You don’t.

It’s been coming up in my world so much since I left for Vancouver, BC 1o days ago. Many people perceive or are told they need protection from external energies.

But protection is based in fear. How is a fear-based attitude going to let you evolve? (Hint: It isn’t. Can’t be done.)

All things fear-based are rackets of the linear, logical mind either to keep you from stepping into your power as an energetic being (because it/ego doesn’t want to die) or because it doesn’t know that it is not the be-all, end-all of the entire universe, which it thinks is its consciousness.

Instead, get deeply grounded. Get seriously in your body and make peace with what you find there. Know you’re safe. Know that you have the right (and be willing) to say “yes” and “no” when appropriate. Get to the place where you trust yourself enough to make the right decision.

These handful of ideas cover the lower 3 chakras, the foundation of your energy field. It’s absolutely critical to get these cleared out, in order, and flowing together well if we’re going to run our lives sanely and move in empowered directions to do what our souls have us here to do.

Get a charged tiger iron stone to help wiIMAG1073th this, and do the free 13-minute meditation on my site to clear out your field daily and get your energetic head on straight.

You can also call me for a reading or energy work session. The latter I call Calibration & Release, as I calibrate you to the confident, loving, empowering energies of Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron, a potent combination.

I’m doing a lot of energy work these days – calibration & release sessions. To really get to the core of what holds you back, you need someone to bring in empowering vibratory states and remove what blocks you. I’m doing it a lot these days – and I love it. Helping people move ahead is why I do this.

“I feel so strong, and free, vibrant, and alive.”

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october2014From D., a woman in Washington state I recently met and read for during my trip to Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. She also attended the two meditation events I offered in each city.

She’s been calling in almost daily and is also using the MP3s when she can’t call in. Click the graphic at left to read about this process and sign up to get the 22 MP3s to boost, rejuvenate, or maintain a daily practice. What we are vibrating (through thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) creates life around us. If we don’t like something we are experiencing, it is essential to raise our vibratory state. These 22 MP3s are intended to provide you with a framework for an empowering daily practice with two loving, supportive, and empowering beings, Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron.

Hi Tom :)
This has been such an incredible experience!! Thank you :)
I have been cleaning and washing my energetic and emotional body, and lots of things have been coming up. It’s funny, as I stay open, it’s like each morning is an adventure and I wonder what the day will bring. The days seem so long:)
Some of the things that came up were good, others really hard to move through. But the nightly meditation calls seem to be so well structured that they anticipate the types of issues that will come up and support it, to give me exactly what I need!
Last night’s call was amazing, again :)  It helped me move through something I felt like I was torturing myself over for couple days ….
I had more interesting dreams and woke up to my upper Heart Chakra literally vibrating ! (Like it felt when I had it open 3 or 4 months ago during meditation, when I asked my guides to show me where they were from. Their answer was to fly me up and 45 degree angle forward , to a blue star, and a beam of the most intense light came down and connected to my heart, there was an intense unbreakable pull , and it felt like my Thymus gland activated because it kept jumping up.) That is what I felt this morning, except without the beam.
I don’t know how it works, but it feels like my upper Heart, by my thymus gland, is connected, activated, vibrating, and it is my lower heart that is flowing out, creating that field of love. When you had us open our heart, keep it open, then think of the thing that brings fear, and watch the feelings and sensations , I noticed that it is my lower heart , the part that seems to flow out and generate my field of love, that is the part that closed with fear. As I worked to actively open it, work through the fear, something in me realized that I am able to do this even when I encounter fear. This is AMAZING ! I don’t have to be afraid of what I will create because I can focus on generating that field no matter what emotions I move through.
I feel so strong, and free, vibrant and alive this morning!! Open to what the day will bring:)
I had no idea your daily calls were actually going to deliver everything you said and more!
You really have found an elaborate, multi-dimensional, transformative tool!! It is incredible and priceless! 
Thank you so much for sharing this!:)

Vancouver, BC Events & Consultations October 24-30, 2014

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From Friday the 24th through Sunday the 26th I’ll be manning a booth and speaking at the Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo. At the expo, I’ll be giving two talks – on Tools for Evolution on Friday, 10/24 at 4pm and on Evolutionary Astrology & Soul on Saturday, 10/25 at 10:30am – plus a 2-hour workshop on Sunday, 10/26 from 11:30am-1:30pm to open your heart and do energy work for you.

A selection of my books will be available in the booth, as will be charged tiger iron and brecciated red jasper stones for grounding and healing.

I’ll also host two small-group channeling events the evenings of Monday, 10/27 and Tuesday, 10/28, each from 7-9pm.
Each is open to 9 people, so email me asap to register if you’re interested. I’ll have sign-up sheets at my booth at the expo, too. Note: Pre-payment is required to register for each.

You can also have an in-person astrology consultation and energy work session Monday, October 27th through Thursday, October 30th. A few times are open each day – contact me via email to book a time.




Tonight is Day 9 of Daily Energy Work/Channeling Meditation Calls

Thursday, October 9th, 2014 | Chakras, Channeling, Compassionate Awareness, Health, Karma, Listening to the Body | Comments Off

october2014You can call in whenever you like, or you can register to get all 22 MP3s and still have access to each call you can join. You can use the MP3s whenever you want – and forever, making this a great investment in beginning, jump-starting, or rejuvenating a daily meditative practice.

Read all the details and register here.

It’s a daily process of altering your consciousness intentionally. What happens is this: I bring through Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron, carrying their frequencies in my voice and body. During each meditation session, we ask you to let these positive, life-affirming, confident vibrations affect you.

The result is that you get an energetic, consciousness tune-up. Doing that daily will change your life, as you will daily get out of your head and the circles and cycles it runs in, often deciding to have a life of its own and then convincing you that its life is, in fact, your life.

Spending time frequently with Djehuty & Metatron changes that, putting you in a space in which your mind is a helpful advisor and the rest of you can be online, too. When you feel fear, self-doubt, regret, and bitterness, that’s your mind. Connecting with the energies I carry when I channel can put the emphasis back on the parts of you that can learn to get grounded, be more loving, and shed fears.

Each night through October 22nd from 6-6:20pm Pacific/9-9:20pm Eastern will be a live call. Remember that you can sign up at any time to get the full set of 22 MP3s (a new one posted daily through the 22nd as soon as the live call is complete), enabling you to step into this wonderful, empowering process on your own schedule.

And whether you’re on the live call or hear the MP3 later – even years later – the effect occurs. Meaning that Djehuty and Metatron’s energies come through the recording and when you invite them in as we ask on each MP3, they will come to you. For me personally, it’s good to know that I can always call on them. And now you can, too.

Live Weds., 08Oct at 7pm Pacific: Dealing with Collective Fears: Ebola, Terrorism, and Everything Else

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 | Chakras, Compassionate Awareness, Health, Karma, Listening to the Body, Radio | Comments Off

tsjgraphicListen live at 7pm Pacific Wednesday, 08Oct14, via the link on the right side of this page.

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We’re hearing much about the threat of an Ebola outbreak in the USA, and almost every day we learn of more atrocities performed in the name of religious and political extremism. How can we stay heart-centered and be aware of what’s going on in the world?

It’s easy to be seduced by the level of fear in the world and the specific fears floating around in the collective awareness, but we need not give in and follow the mass consciousness down that path. In this episode I share practical perspectives on dealing with these fears that do not include shutting down and closing ourselves off, what many might feel is the best option. We need to stay open in order to evolve and, I argue, if we close down, we turn away from the evolutionary growth that comes from our true natures as loving, divine beings figuring out the best way to live human lives.

Support the show by making a one-time or recurring donation. All of your support helps me keep original, life-affirming, heart- and eye-opening content coming each week. I love doing the show, and you can help me keep it going!