Saturn in Sagittarius

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For almost 3 years (including a dip back into Scorpio during its next retro period), the planet of hard work and sacrifice will travel through the sign of expansion, faith, and vision. It enters the sign tomorrow, 23Dec14.

I’ve recorded a new mp3 (58 mins.) covering how I see the planet’s methods and motivations working through Sagittarius. Free for subscribers to my monthly service, it’s $5 until the end of the year.

Saturn’s transits get a bad rap because we’re not always sure how to understand what the planet is trying to get us to do. It’s a normal, natural part of the human maturation process to want to avoid this planet (regardless of age) but each of us has to at some point.

Why not learn how to make it a positive experience?

If you think that’s not likely or possible, you need this mp3.

2 New Subscriber Video Excerpts: Winter Solstice, Jupiter’s Retro in Leo, and Transits to Eris

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Subscribe monthly or yearly to get an in-depth, evolutionary-astrology user’s manual for each month, plus get a ton of perks! Below are two excerpt vids totaling about 13 minutes out of the ~1.5 hours of original material my subscribers received this week for the solar month of Capricorn (it begins today around 3pm Pacific with the Winter Solstice).

It’s not enough to know what’s coming – you have to know what to do with it; how to navigate it consciously and intentionally.

On the Winter Solstice and the Sun’s passage through Capricorn:

On some current events with Eris and also Jupiter’s current retrograde in Leo:

Ascended Master Djehuty on Using Charged Onyx for Trauma & PTSD

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With Sun-Mercury passing through my 3rd house, Moon in my 12th on Pluto-Venus, and transiting Venus on my 3rd-house Jupiter in Capricorn, I sat down to ask Djehuty some questions about healing trauma using charged onyx stones, something he’s been asking me to explore and do soon. The following is unedited and includes his feedback for me on my process in learning about crystals and working with them (cutting, polishing, and charging them energetically) for the last year.

A few times each week in the short term I’ll sit down with him, and once in a while I’ll publish the results. You might enjoy an inner look at the process that unfolds as he tutors me in something I’m invited to learn.


Tom: Djehuty, what can you share with me today about PTSD?

Djehuty: Separation.

The fragmentation of portions of the energy field.

Parts of self that in fact represent aspects of self. That carry essential connectors of selfhood, the bits that bridge gaps between disparate parts of self.

They are needed in order to be and remain whole, and to care for the self. To nurture the self in ways that lead to feeling whole and being at peace.

Peace is not available when there is a noticeable absence of essential elements of self.

Tom: And so parts of self need to be called back in order to heal PTSD?

Djehuty: Yes, but it is not the same process as I have taught you and that you teach to others, the simplified and no-middle-man process of fragment retrieval. [Tom: Called soul retrieval in shamanic traditions.] › Continue reading

Upcoming The Soul’s Journey Shows

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tsjgraphicEach Wednesday at 7pm Pacific:

17Dec14: The Opportunity of the Winter Solstice
I begin by reading 3 satirical/irreverent Xmas poems from me from over the years, talk about what channeling is, and then explore the opportunity of the Winter Solstice.

24Dec14: Karma Mates
I’ll explain the purposes of our important relationships from a soul-based perspective.

31Dec14: Alan Turing & George Takei Karmic Profiles

07Jan15: Hal Bahr on Astrology & Human Design

Listen live, subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, and get access to the archive through

Monthly Subscription Service Upgrades

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subsThe service is about to begin its 2nd year, and I’m making a number of improvements.

Each month subscribers receive well over an hour of original material covering the upcoming month, an in-depth user’s manual for navigating the times in which we live.

The Sun’s time in its sign, planetary ingresses (when they enter new signs), retrogrades, major aspect patterns, and new and full moons are covered in detail and with depth from an evolutionary, soul- and choice-based perspective.

I’ve improved the perks and added unlimited access to The Soul’s Journey Radio Show archive, including at this point 109 episodes covering all that I do, think about, learn, teach, and experience, with a new one added each week. This will be $70/year for everyone else, and the archive on my site is now only place to access past episodes of this show that I hear from many listeners deepens how they see and use astrology and changes their lives. Other perk upgrades include 50-75% off my entire MP3 back list including astrology and meditation e-courses, and channeled and astrology talks and MP3s.

On the Winter Solstice this year, the monthly rate for new subscribers will become $29, reflecting the deepening quality and breadth of the materials that subscribers receive each month. Existing subscribers will remain at the $22 rate. You can also subscribe for a year, saving you a month (pay for 11, receive 12).

I love doing this kind of work for you, and subscribers tell me it’s an important part of their month. It’s not enough to know that something astrological is happening – you have to how to understand the opportunity and what to do to make the most of it. Each month I open the floodgates of my intuitive analysis to give an evolutionary leg up for my subscribers.

The Capricorn materials (to be released on Sunday, 21Dec14) will include an exploration of Saturn’s entrance into and time in Sagittarius in addition to all the regular materials.

I look forward to bringing you into the circle to receive an inside track on how I do astrology and use it to understand the times in which we live!


Intuitive Skills Development I Course begins February 21, 2015

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isdBeginning Saturday, February 21st for 10 Saturdays, I’ll teach another round of my Intuitive Skills Development I course.

It’s a self-care course, and a honest-assessment-of-who-you-truly-are course. It’s a get-to-the-bottom-of-what-hurts course, as well as a learn-to-heal-what-hurts course. It’s an empowering course that will change how you see yourself and your history, relationships, and family.

The process that those taking this course go through is nothing short of profound. They get more into their bodies, learn to trust their intuition and instinct, deepen their awareness and subtle insights, and they make peace with aspects of their lives that they’ve never understood and have carried pain regarding – sometimes for a lifetime or more.

A developed intuition naturally follows cleaning up and clearing out old energies and emotions (fears, doubts, regrets, etc.) that block it. Each human is intuitive, and each human has things to work through to open to living in a loving state, the foundation of intuitive living.

You will learn why your life is unfolding the way it is, and what role your attitudes and beliefs play in it. You’ll also learn techniques and perspectives to change what in your life doesn’t work or still hurts, or causes confusion and difficulty.

We’ll take a tour of the chakras, working one-by-one on clearing out what needs to go, planting new seeds that will keep you empowered and able to take care of all in your life that needs addressing, and update and improve the beliefs that are running your life. Each week I’ll teach you to reframe your life and see how to change your interpretation of what’s in it, and we’ll do a meditation together in which I do energy work and calibrate each student’s energy to the frequencies of the beings I work with, Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron, giving you a leg up on adjusting to a higher version of yourself.

I love doing this course – it really changes people’s lives.  Read the details in the PDF flier and be in touch with questions and comments.

Tonight on The Soul’s Journey: Bill Cosby Karmic Profile & Pluto-Uranus Square #6 of 7

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bill cosby hand gesture apIn the first part of the show, I discuss Bill Cosby’s chart in terms of recent allegations that he drugged and raped women over the course of many years. This is not assuming all allegations are true and passing judgment on him, but sharing how I analyze his chart from a karmic/evolutionary viewpoint given the themes of what he’s charged with.

Bill Cosby chart

Bill Cosby Natal Chart With Transits & Progressions, 03Dec14

The second half of the show is an exploration of the Pluto-Uranus squares from 2012-2015, in particular the upcoming one in mid-December at 12 degrees of Capricorn-Aries and the call it presents for individuation and owning (a better definition of) personal power.

Listen live at 7pm Pacific tonight – Wednesday, 03Dec14 – via the link on the right side of this page.

Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes to hear past episodes to keep up with new episodes as they are produced and to rate & review it.

Increasing Immunity of All Kinds

immunityAs of the end of the Mayan Calendar, the separations between dimensions or worlds have been dissolving or dissolved. This means many things, but in terms of the healing path many are on to become more whole and empowered as their Divine selves in human form, it means that emotions from other lives are more available to us now.

There’s a wonderful side to it, namely that we can access skills and understandings that our other-life selves (normally called past lives) have. We can, in fact, embody now what our souls have us doing on many parts of the time line that empower us and bring out our passionate natures.

Yet we may also experience a resurfacing of other-life fears and pain. I know many of my clients are dealing with this, and I know it’s widespread. Our physical bodies cannot help but manifest the energies we carry, and if we are not yet fully sure how to discern energies and move them out, we may manifest physical issues unconsciously. I’m hearing stories of people panicking because of what is manifesting in their bodies, and of medical professionals not always able to diagnose what’s going on. There are answers, though, when we look at things from an energetic/emotional perspective, which is my specialty. › Continue reading

Upcoming The Soul’s Journey episodes + Increasing Immunity deal

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 | Astrology, Compassionate Awareness, Energy Management, Health, Karma, Pluto, Radio | Comments Off

tsjgraphicEach Wednesday at 7pm Pacific, I let loose the my Scorpio/Sagittarius self to share what I’ve learned and am learning on my path.

I’ve posted the upcoming schedule (subject to change) on my site’s show page.

Tomorrow night, 19Nov14, the tentative topic is “Stop Killing Yourself,” including thoughts on dealing with intense and overwhelming emotions without committing suicide. Listen live then and support the show.

Also there is a link on the show page to get Increasing Immunity, a 2-MP3 set including a teaching and meditation from Ascended Master Djehuty. Energetic immunity is at the source of all other kinds, including physical. All illness is energy we’re carrying manifesting, and Increasing Immunity will teach you the ins and outs of energetic immunity and how to build better immunity on all levels.

Do you ever get the “bugs” that are going around? Or do you feel that you need protection from others’ energies? What about your friends’, family’s, and other loved ones’ issues and stuff/junk? These MP3s will help you manage all of that, knowing that internal strength is a decision that each of us can make.

For a limited time, Increasing Immunity is available for half off – $10 instead of $20. Read the official description and order it here.

New vid: On Astrocartography Soundbites

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