Day 31 of Daily Energy Work/Channeling is Today

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Click on the graphic to get the details for tonight’s call if you can make it at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern.

It’s been an interesting month, to say the least. I’ve taken what I do with clients and workshop participants from time to time and made it a daily practice, fostering connection with Metatron, Djehuty, and spirit guides. A big part of this is grounding to the Earth daily and moving out energies, attitudes, and beliefs that don’t work for people.

For me, this is normal … but not always daily. This month it became a daily practice and I learned what it takes to hold space for others to experience this each day.

This means that I sat down with Archangel Metatron each day during the month and took on his high level of vibration. He holds up a mirror to a person to show what he or she does, consumes, uses, thinks, and believes that disempowers him or her or leaks energy. This month for me, then, has been an exercise in being willing to have that intense gaze focused on me. › Continue reading

Daily Energy Work: 28 Down, 3 To Go

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august2014energyworkWe’ve done 28 of the 31 daily energy work/channeling calls for the month. Positive feedback continues to come in from regular callers, and I’m finding their results heartening.

I’m glad to have done this each day during the month. The quality of the calls – the openness of me as a channel – has increased over the month, which is exciting. Doing this daily was for me kind of an experiment, as I didn’t at the outset know how I might manage it. Help from Metatron was regular and consistent, as he showed me how my choices, patterns, and habits on a daily basis affected me energetically. I asked him to help me see how I could make this work, and he showed me clearly.

Now, near the end of the month, I can see radical shifts in how frustrated I get day-to-day with either unexpected things or those that don’t work as expected. I’ve also reconnected with the messages of my body (a major theme during each call this month), being able to thank my body when it speaks to me instead of going into some sort of fear mode when I have a pain or some discomfort for any reason. › Continue reading

Daily Energy Work Calls Continue – and a Debrief Call Tuesday, 02Sep14

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The daily calls continue to go well! Each day through Sunday, 31Aug14 I’ll channel Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) for 20 minutes at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern. Each day there’s a teaching and clearing, empowering energy work for all callers. Click the graphic to the left to read all the details for the calls including the number to use.

And Tuesday, September 2nd at 6pm Pacific – one week from tonight – I’ll host a free debrief call for the daily energy work/channeling calls in August. Questions, comments, and feedback are welcome. Anyone who called in even once during the month is welcome to join in. This won’t be a lecture, a teaching, or a meditation – it’s for you to talk about the month. Bring your questions, comments, and feedback! And, of course, you’ll hear about the experiences of others who did the calls. Same number & code as in the PDF containing all the details.


Day 21 update: My experience with daily energy work/channeling

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august2014energyworkEarlier this month, I produced 7 videos to share my experience prepping for and doing the daily energy work & channeling calls, bringing through Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). Details of the calls can be had by clicking on the pic to the left, and you can do Day 7 for free here.

Today, it’s a blog post. I’m saving my voice after a busy week.

This week I’ve had experiences zeroing intuitively on the source and cause of health issues both within myself and others. This is a major part of the work I do with others, but this week it was immediate. And there are some things about my own body’s messages that aren’t always clear, and this week clarity was in play in loud ways.

There’s one thing happening that I’m not entirely clear about, but am working with the energy of it. Two nights ago I went to bed with what felt like a lead weight in my midsection, as though I ate a dozen of the heaviest, greasiest, most awful burritos ever made. My dinner that night had been a small portion of raw salmon, a handful of spinach, and some rice bread, so I knew it wasn’t what I ate. › Continue reading

A testimonial from another woman on the daily energy work calls

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august2014energyworkFrom a woman in Boston, after joining the daily calls the 2nd week in August following a vacation:

“I find my following of the grounding mp3 goes much better since starting these pm meditations.  I have less of my mind racing, better grounding. And often clear physical sensations, during and after and before, which are completely amazing to me, since I tend to be all up in my head.
“The one that’s been really effective for me was the Aug11 theme of clearing the past.  At first I drew a blank on a past issue that needed resolution, and then halfway through I was thinking, “Oh, here’s a better one…” and then the day after there were all sorts of things stirred up, a lot of things I’d thought I was totally over, all right there.  And all in a good way.  Things that come up now, I’m better able to phrase as, ‘Well, I’m a special and unique person finding new ways to associate in groups, and part of that will involve attracting challenging people to me so that I can learn to be really good at it, and work with people without giving up my self-definition  [Natal Mars in Aquarius conjunct the North Node.] And once we’re all set with that, this temporary situation will dissolve.’  Which is huge for me, to deal with the present tense things and approach them positively in realtime.”
-L., Boston
Everyone has a different experience with the daily calls. Each day is an invitation to open to the support of our guidance team, appreciate the body for what it tells us (it’s always showing us through health how our beliefs and choices are working out), and cease regretting the past and fearing the future. Whatever a person needs to get present is covered in these calls, making them fantastic tools to give grounded boost to your evolution.
My own process this month has been as amazing as those callers are emailing me with. Looking forward to having you join in!
Details on the next TBA, but it’s likely October. Then I’ll offer an option for the daily calls alone ad hoc (as I’m doing now) and a second option for all the daily calls plus the MP3s for those who cannot make the scheduled time of the call but want to participate daily.
Stay tuned for details, and call in each night at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern if you can!

“Clearly, I am safe and supported.”

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august2014energyworkFrom a woman doing most of the daily energy work & channeling calls this month (click the pic at left for details):


“Just wanted to check in. So much is happening. I’m not living out of my car anymore. I’ve rented a place. My ex husband took almost all of our stuff so I had nothing to put in my new home.  A wealthy aunt who I had not been close with came out of nowhere and is furnishing the whole place and bought dishes sheets,  etc., everything I need to live. One of my coworkers who lives in a fabulous high rise condo let me stay in his place while he is on vacation, which gives me a place to sleep until bed and other furniture are delivered.

“It’s like I am living a fairy tale.

“It’s interesting because I have all that not belonging with family stuff in my [astrology] chart and all of the sudden I am being embraced by family.

“Clearly,  I am safe and supported. What looked like it could have been a Pyrrhic victory is so the opposite of that. I’ve gotten rid of all the energy from my ex husband and am not taking on his issues or anybody else’s. He does not push my buttons anymore. And when I experience what looks like a set back,  like not being able to rent the first place I wanted because unbeknownst to me, my ex had also been interested in the place and the landlord did not want to get in the middle,  I just take a step back and go with it and know it is for the best. Then end up finding a much better place with cheaper rent in a better location.

“I’ve been joining the daily energy work on most days.  The calls and our call in July and previous calls are having a huge effect. Thank you and keep it coming.”

-M., Pennsylvania

So far this month, I’ve hosted a daily 20-minute conference call meditation and Metatron, Djehuty, and I do energy work on all callers. It’s changing people’s lives, helping them overcome all kinds of fears, anxieties, confusions, and self-doubts. It’s helping them clean up existing relationships and transition out of those that are ending or ended long ago but they haven’t been able to release them. › Continue reading

Robin Williams’s Death Brings Up a Lot; Healing Suicide Resources

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coverTonight’s The Soul’s Journey radio show will be a karmic profile of Robin Williams, as his death this week has brought up a lot of pain and heartache about suicide for many people. I’ll take a compassionate look at his multilife journey as described in his birth chart, and discuss how depression and suicide fit in with it.

Williams’s natal Pluto is near his Midheaven, making him in various ways in many lives a public example of intense, Plutonian stuff. In this life, at least, this includes suicide. His wife asks us to remember his life and not focus on his death, but in the short term, that’s going to be hard for many.

If a man who has made us laugh so much over decades doesn’t see the point in continuing, what hope do the rest of us have for persevering through life’s tough times?

Tonight’s radio show will put his life and death in context, and I’m looking forward to offering you my life-affirming, empowering take on him and his life.

I offer a free 68-minute MP3 and its transcript (PDF) through my site titled Healing Suicide. It’s channeled from Djehuty and is a powerful tool for healing, release, and understanding. I’m told that it’s the most powerful thing I’ve channeled, and we’re ready to heal our pain about this fact of life and understand what it’s about and how it affects the soul and emotional body over many lives.

Read more about it in a past blog post, which contains the links to the MP3 and PDF. The transcript is also available in Kindle.

Pass the word onto others who are in need of some understanding and healing regarding suicide. From the soul’s perspective, it’s not a mystery, and we’re ready to learn to make peace with what our souls and the souls of others choose and experience.

The Inner Call: Robin Williams Karmic Profile

williamstsjwilliams Listen live at 7pm Pacific Wednesday, 13Aug14, via the link on the right side of this page.

Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes to hear past episodes to keep up with new episodes as they are produced and to rate & review it.

I’ll shed light on the soul’s journey of Robin Williams as revealed in his chart (July 21, 1951, 1:34pm, Chicago, IL). I’ll discuss aspects of his life and personality in terms of that journey, and explain what this life of his was meant by soul to explore. This will be an insightful and compassionate look at one of our favorite entertainers who appears to have taken his own life this past week following depression.

If you get something good out of The Soul’s Journey, support the show whether one-time or recurring. Your support helps me bring you original, life-affirming content each week.

Day 11: On working with spirit guides

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Each day in August, Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel Tom Jacobs will host a 20-minute conference call to get you grounded, shed energies that you no longer need, and plant new, empowering seeds. Energy work from Djehuty (an ascended master a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) and Metatron is the centerpiece of each call.

This video covers notes on how to work with and hear your spirit guides, as well as an update on what his body has been having him eat (earlier videos included notes on his prep for a month of daily energy work calls, which included changes in what he eats).

While just 20 minutes, calling in regularly will bring accumulating effects. Doing it daily means going step-by-step and developing a new routine.

To hear/do the mediation from Day 7 for free to get a feel for what this month is all about, go here:

› Continue reading

Feedback from Daily Energy Work Callers

Monday, August 11th, 2014 | Astrology, Chakras, Channeling, Compassionate Awareness, Health, Karma, Listening to the Body | Comments Off

august2014energywork“Hi, Tom. Wanted to touch base with you to thank you for doing these calls! …. Thursday’s call was just what I needed to release some unknown fears that have been keeping me from moving forward. The next morning, I created the Facebook page for my business & didn’t feel the usual stuff that I typically would when putting myself out there. Very powerful!!”

Another woman wrote that she’d mentioned doing the calls in her blog, in a post about acting on a long transit of Mars through her 12th house by focusing on self-care.

I’ve heard from others that they feel more grounded, clearer, lighter, more centered, less stressed when commuting to and from work, able to open the heart and come back to it regularly, and other wonderful things. › Continue reading