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Crystals Update – Shiva Lingam, Mookaite, Labradorite

If you’ve been following what I’ve been up to with crystals, you know that I’ve been learning more about them experientially.

After finishing and releasing the new channeled book Conscious Living, Conscious Dying by Ascended Master Djehuty a couple of weeks ago, I realized it was time to take a break from Djehuty for a bit. It’s natural for me to go in stages with him – some time on and then time off – but this time, instead of a break, I transitioned into working more with Archangel Metatron.

When I work with Metatron, I use a shiva lingam stone to access his frequency. I don’t know if this works for others or would work – it just started happening. A couple of years ago a client gave me one and I had no idea what I’d do with it. That was before I could track anything about crystals – in one ear and out the other. But it came to me for a reason, I knew. When I began bringing Metatron through for clients and in group events in August (after knowing him as a guide of mine since late 2004), he suggested I use this shiva lingam I hadn’t yet made a connection with. Now I use it as a bookmark to open my channel to his frequency quickly and easily, as I use tiger iron to access and adapt to Djehuty’s frequency. › Continue reading

4 Channeled Books Now in Large Print Editions

From mid-2010 to mid-2011 a lot of my time and energy went to opening myself as a channel to bring through a number of messages from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). Some were spoken and some were typed, yet at the end of this busy time I had 4 separate books by Djehuty that I self-published.

After I finished the new channeled book Conscious Living, Conscious Dying, I formatted the first 4 books as large print editions. It feels important to me to make these important messages available to as many people as possible. The new title will be released as a large print edition soon.

Now each of the first 4 teachings are available as paperbacks via Amazon and my site. Here are cover photos and descriptions of  each. Click on an image to go to that book’s Amazon page.

Approaching Love large print coverApproaching Love is a primer on how we can change our conception of love in order to grow into a deeper connection with our true spiritual nature as divine beings living human lives. Karma with others, love and self-love, relationships, marriage, and our relationships with children, and our relationships with animals as food and pets are covered.



uldcoverUnderstanding Loss and Death explains from the perspective of soul the purpose of our important relationships and how to learn to deal with loss when it occurs. Early deaths, the deaths of children, loss related to adoption on both sides, abortion and miscarriage, and murder and genocide are explored to help us see these parts of life through new eyes.



Goddess Past, Present, and Future coverGoddess Past, Present, and Future reveals the reason that humans began living through the lens of patriarchy that we’re struggling to understand and change today. Its genesis is clearly explained as are ways that each individual can begin to transition out of the patriarchy and integrate the natural, divine feminine in daily life. Included are sections on the purpose of marriage, the source of sexual violence and how to heal it, and numerous insights into undoing patriarchal thinking with compassion and acceptance.


crcoverConscious Revolution: Tools for 2012 and Beyond is Djehuty’s set of 5 teachings to help us step into our power as divine beings having human experiences. How to understand and work with intuition and spirit guides, manifestation and creation, understanding and working with past lives, and turning fear into faith are covered.

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying now available on Amazon & Kindle

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying paperback cover

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying paperback cover

clcdcoverTo the left are the covers of the new channeled book Conscious Living, Conscious Dying (paperback on the left, Kindle on the right).

Beginning today this important new material is available as paperback through Amazon and my site and as an e-book via Kindle.

This is the most important information I’ve channeled to date from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin).

Whatever in your life doesn’t make sense can be explained by the logic of soul, which Conscious Living, Conscious Dying explains in detail. Our linear, logical minds run our lives and do all they can to understand why we experience pain and hardship and why things don’t work out the way we want, need, and expect them to. But the logic of the human mind can’t answer these most important questions.

We need to learn the logic of soul in order to understand why our lives are the way we are. Using it, we can see that our energy fields – our consciousnesses – have been vibrating to us all we experience in our lives. And we can come to accept that all that has come to us and happened to us serves our souls and what they came here as us to learn and do.

In previous blog posts I discussed angst and pain that comes from not understanding why life is the way it is. Opening up to the supportive wisdom of beings like Djehuty helps immensely! He impartially observes what we as humans experience and comes through me and other channels to explain what is happening and why. He makes himself available to answer all questions about human life and how to make it happen in better and wonderful ways.

Get this new book and you’ll learn your soul’s perspective on why your life is the way it is, how to create a meaningful life, and how to understand death and what comes after.

The Soul’s Wisdom and Working Through Pain

clcdcoverIn the new channeled book Conscious Living, Conscious Dying, Ascended Master Djehuty lays out an in-depth explanation of what soul is, how it works, and how your human life is an expression of soul. Djehuty offers that soul is a portion of divine consciousness choosing separate itself off for a while and live human lives.

Djehuty explains how experiences impact us as humans and how the emotional imprints can linger in our fields. Then he describes how to move these energies out of our bodies, altering how we relate to our histories and past pain.

But what has come to us that left us imprinted emotionally is actually vibrated to us by the wisdom of soul as it learns how to be human.

From the book:

“All that is in your life that stays or lingers represents experiences by which your soul intends that you become confronted so that you have opportunities to learn to make the right sorts of choices in response. Humans, mostly, do not like to feel pain and so will avoid it, but it’s also true that things that confuse you create tension that can turn into pain. So even if you are willing to be aware of painful situations in order to work through them, how long are you willing to exist within the tension of confusion that creates ongoing and deepening pain? Not many of you are willing to do this before really getting just how important it is to work through what is painful. To create willingness to do so, it is important to understand the logic according to which your soul operates, which determines much of what comes to you in life.”

The book details the logic of soul, which differs from the human kind that we use to navigate the world and run our lives. When you understand why your soul brings the experiences to you that it does, your conception of what it means to be a human and how you live will change for the better – and for good.

Now through April 4th it’s available as a PDF e-book through my site. On April 5th I’ll launch it via Kindle and Amazon for wider distribution. Stay tuned for that announcement.

The Cure for Existentialism & Angst

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The more I reflect on the new book Conscious Living, Conscious Dying, I can see that Ascended Master Djehuty is giving us tools to overcome angst and its sources. When we wonder why we’re here and observe how life works, it can be perplexing. It’s hard to make peace with why things happen the ways that they do if life is supportive and the universe is loving, which we keep hoping is true.

clcdcoverWe kind of can’t help but want and need it to be true, actually. But we keep seeing evidence that seems to mean it isn’t.

The new channeled volume from A. M. Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) explains what soul is, how it works through your human life, and how to learn to work with these facts to create the sense of meaning that all humans crave and tend to look outside for. It’s this looking for meaning that the existentialists were bent out of shape about and that lead to writing a bunch of stuff about how life is meaningless.

I got caught in this trap myself. In college and after I did some studying of existentialist stuff, always coming up short on the meaningfulness bit. If you don’t shut down in the face of the lack of meaning life seems to offer – including depression and self-destructive stuff that numbs you – then angst results. Some people internalize angst and others spray it all around for others to bathe in, too. But behind it is the need to find that life and the universe are supportive and that you belong here, that you are welcome, important, and loved.

Understanding what soul is and how to let its logic work through you is the key to creating meaning in life, what we each crave and the lack of which can lead us to spiral down into depression and avoidance-based behaviors that can become addictions. Djehuty says it best so you need to read the book to get the full picture of how to do this.

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying TOCBut as I channeled certain portions of it I could tell he means it as a healing balm, an antidote to the millennia we’ve lived on Earth trying to figure out why we’re here and how to enjoy it – how to make being here work for us instead of simply seeming to damage us.

What soul is and how it creates and experiences your human life including the purpose your human life serves for your soul is a major part of this new book. When you get this, Djehuty is clear, you can see how to choose to create the meaning for yourself that you have always needed and probably felt was lacking. › Continue reading

We’re learning about the power of the energies we vibrate.


We’re energetic beings, not bodies with minds or minds with bodies as we’ve been taught. All that occurs in our lives does so because we are vibrating thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. What happens to and comes to us results from these vibrations. Conscious Living, Conscious Dying is the new channeled book from Ascended Master Djehuty that I’m releasing as a PDF e-book tomorrow (and Kindle and Amazon 05Apr14).

From the new book on what we vibrate:

“When people live in their minds (which are often self-appointed dictators for life), they may come to interpret their choices as meaningful in terms of the factual outcomes of the decisions they make, failing to realize that motivation matters. Your soul is observing and is interested much more in why you choose than what you choose. Your motivation is everything! Why you do something is more important than the thing being done.

“This is a way of saying that the results of choices are, in fact, determined less by the facts in play than the energies in play as the situation unfolds. What you-as-soul are really learning is not about the logic, facts, and details that go into making decisions and choices … you are learning about progressing from choosing and deciding from a motivation of fear to one of love. It is all about the vibration you are emitting.”

I’m excited to get this material to you! It answers a lot of questions clients come to me with regarding life, death, and soul. It’s full of concise explanations of these three often misunderstood areas of human experience.

The PDF e-book will be available tomorrow morning, 26Mar14, here.

Is there such a thing as destiny?

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clcdcoverFrom the soon-to-be-released channeled book from Ascended Master Djehuty, Conscious Living, Conscious Dying:

“Soul intends that you focus repeatedly or continually upon certain life themes available to humans and […] its intentions are broadcast to the universe as commands to bring manifestations of those themes to you. Because of your soul, you are vibrating divine commands that will draw certain kinds of experiences and dynamics to you. Many people notice this effect and wonder if (or assume it to be) destiny or fate. Nothing is predetermined for you except that soul is vibrating through you certain life themes into manifestation around you. How you respond to what comes to you is everything.”

Soul sets everything into motion so that you as a human learn to respond in ways that teach your soul how to live a human life. It’s a fascinating story – one that I’ve lived with for years as Djehuty has shown me how to counsel people on issues related to soul, deep emotions, and the soul’s multilife journey.  We’ve been calling other lives of our souls past lives but soul knows no time – it’s all happening simultaneously from the perspective of soul.

The whole story is succinctly told in Conscious Living, Conscious Dying. The preview sale with the PDF e-book available through my site begins Wednesday, 26Mar14 for 10 days. Following that it will be available through Amazon, Kindle, and

Tom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer and channel helping you to make sense of why you’re here and how to make it happen. Contact Tom at (213) 925-6019 or via email to book a life-changing session blending evolutionary/soul-based astrology, work with your spirit guides, channeling and energy work with Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron, and chakra clearing and balancing. He is the author or channel of 15 books on astrology, spirituality, and mythology and hosts the popular The Soul’s Journey radio show on CTR.

A.M. Djehuty: You are divine power incarnated.

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clcdcoverFrom the forthcoming title Conscious Living, Conscious Dying by Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin):

“Soul is divine power not incarnated and you are its manifestation, meaning that you are divine power incarnated. This is not to puff or pump you up. It is not to blow smoke in your direction or to try to get you to try on for size a measure of megalomania. It is meant to reveal to you that what you are vibrating is just as powerful as All That Is – divine source – vibrating the universe into existence.”

In this book Djehuty explains soul in the most concise terms to date, putting in context how human lives are related to it and what it lives those lives to accomplish. He tells us how to create a meaningful life, answering questions I know I and many of my soul’s other humans (same as past lives) have had. Then he explains the function of death from the soul’s point of view and describes how to live fully now in order move toward death with conscious intent. And he also shares what happens at and after the moment of death, making this an incredible addition to our libraries.

When you read this book you will be taken through a healing process to become aware of any ways in which you live that reflect fears of death, including any that might be related to ways you have died elsewhere on the Earth timeline (in your past lives). Djehuty asks us to live our lives fully and give the gift that we-as-God and Goddess have come here to give – this is so powerful! I can’t wait for you to read it.

This new material will be released this coming Wednesday, March 26, 2014. For 10 days during a preview sale it will be available only as a PDF e-book. Beginning on April 5, 2014 it will be available on Kindle and as a paperback.

Available March 26, 2014: The new channeled e-book Conscious Living, Conscious Dying

clcdcoverIn this title to be released on March 26, 2014, Ascended Master Djehuty explains soul, life, and death with the goal of showing you how to live life fully now and accept death for what it is. Many live in fear of death without fully knowing what that process entails and means to the soul or All That Is, of which they are part.

Djehuty goes into depth first to explain what soul is and each human’s relationship to his or her soul. Then he explores how each of us can learn to create a meaningful life through adding the wisdom of soul to our human perspective. Death is addressed next including insights into how soul views death and how death functions in the context of its multilife journey, what happens at the moment of death, and what unfolds for each departed spirit following death. Finally, Djehuty instructs us about living consciously now so that we make peace with the fact of death and live fully while we are here.

The e-book’s table of contents:

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying TOC

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying TOC

This material is a must-have for all living on Earth! Those who are curious about soul and how it experiences life and death and those looking to create more meaning and fulfillment in their lives now through spiritual evolution will be especially interested.

I’ll post here on March 26, 2014 with the link to get the PDF(it will be on this page) and then again when the title goes live in the Kindle store.

Just Unearthed: Ascended Master Djehuty on Manifesting Health

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This is an 85-minute MP3 recorded in mid-2011 that somehow didn’t make its way to being available through my site. I’ve been going through my MP3 offerings and updating things to provide automatic downloads. For this one, I had the MP3 handy but no listing to update on the site.

Ascended Master Djehuty explains how emotions are shared between our many human lives and how they manifest physically.

This information is critical to all who have emotions and bodies.

What we have yet to fully understand is that before emotions manifest physically and affect our health, our bodies are speaking to us again and again about what’s imbalanced or out of place. Djehuty offers this information to help us learn to work more consciously with emotion so that our manifestations in life are more intentional and serve us better.

Order this MP3 here.