2 New Subscriber Video Excerpts: Winter Solstice, Jupiter’s Retro in Leo, and Transits to Eris

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Subscribe monthly or yearly to get an in-depth, evolutionary-astrology user’s manual for each month, plus get a ton of perks! Below are two excerpt vids totaling about 13 minutes out of the ~1.5 hours of original material my subscribers received this week for the solar month of Capricorn (it begins today around 3pm Pacific with the Winter Solstice).

It’s not enough to know what’s coming – you have to know what to do with it; how to navigate it consciously and intentionally.

On the Winter Solstice and the Sun’s passage through Capricorn:

On some current events with Eris and also Jupiter’s current retrograde in Leo:

Tonight on The Soul’s Journey: Bill Cosby Karmic Profile & Pluto-Uranus Square #6 of 7

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 | Aries, Astrology, Capricorn, Eris, Eros, Karma, Lilith, Moon, Neptune, Pluto, Radio, Sexuality, Uranus | Comments Off

bill cosby hand gesture apIn the first part of the show, I discuss Bill Cosby’s chart in terms of recent allegations that he drugged and raped women over the course of many years. This is not assuming all allegations are true and passing judgment on him, but sharing how I analyze his chart from a karmic/evolutionary viewpoint given the themes of what he’s charged with.

Bill Cosby chart

Bill Cosby Natal Chart With Transits & Progressions, 03Dec14

The second half of the show is an exploration of the Pluto-Uranus squares from 2012-2015, in particular the upcoming one in mid-December at 12 degrees of Capricorn-Aries and the call it presents for individuation and owning (a better definition of) personal power.

Listen live at 7pm Pacific tonight – Wednesday, 03Dec14 – via the link on the right side of this page.

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Free Download: Karmic Profile of Former BBC Presenter Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile in 1974

Jimmy Savile in 1974

A new 78-minute free MP3 covers Jimmy Savile’s karmic journey to understand why he was wired the way he was: pedophile, sexual predator, necrophiliac.

Major astrological themes explored: Pluto retrograde, Pluto in Cancer, Pluto conjunct the North Node, Nessus, Eris in Aries, and Persephone. Special attention is given to transforming the victim-perpetrator paradigm that dominates human consciousness now.

To understand some of the darker aspects of human nature, we have to be willing to look at them and know that we’re strong enough to work through them. This MP3 is meant to teach about the astrology of these archetypes that Savile lived out and to provide insights into the journey that his soul – a portion of Divine consciousness – had him live out during his time on Earth.

Read more and download it here.

April 2014 Subscriber Video 2 excerpt: Navigating the Cardinal Grand Cross

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In this video excerpt from his monthly subscription service, Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel Tom Jacobs discusses the cardinal grand cross.

Each month, subscribers to receive over an hour of in-depth, original material to help them understand the meaning of what’s coming and how to work with it.

From Elizabeth in California:
I love being a subscriber to Tom’s service! Every month, he delves deep into the upcoming aspects and lunations for the month in ways that are always smart and striking (a few of his insights and quotes really stick, and of course seem to apply exactly, as if channeled for me expressly, though I know others are also tuning in ;)… The subscription includes several monthly videos, a communal phone chat, book discounts, and other goodies. Money well spent!

The facts about and meaning of ingresses (when planets enter signs), lunations (new and full moons), aspect patterns, and the Sun’s trek through its current sign are covered each month. Additionally, a call to pick his brain on various topics, a channeled meditation MP3, and numerous perks are available each month to subscribers.

Read more and sign up.

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The Winter Solstice is tomorrow, 21Dec13

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Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel Tom Jacobs gives an in-depth look at the energy of the Winter Solstice, the time when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn. This year it’s December 21st.

This video is excerpted from a 26-minute video on the Solstice and the New Moon of Capricorn that activates the grand cross between Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, and Pluto in Capricorn. The New Moon is conjunct Pluto and Mercury, making this a powerhouse New Moon!

The full video is one of 4 sent tomorrow to subscribers (74 minutes of material in total covering Venus retrograde, the Full Moon, Mercury entering Aquarius in January, and Uranus recently going direct and in opposition now to Mars in Libra)). To read about the new service and the many perks available to subscribers go to

Video Excerpt: Venus Retrograde (21Dec13-31Jan14)

Friday, December 20th, 2013 | Astrology, Capricorn, Retrogrades, Venus | Comments Off

Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel Tom Jacobs explains the energy of Venus’s biannual retrograde period (21Dec13-31Jan14) and gives suggestions on how to work with the energy – not against it.

Excerpted from a 23-minute video for subscribers to Subscribers this month will receive 4 videos on the New and Full Moons, Winter Solstice, Mars in Libra, Uranus now direct in Aries, and other topics totaling 74 minutes.

Read more including about the perks available to subscribers and sign up:

15Nov13: Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries

Thursday, November 14th, 2013 | Aries, Astrology, Capricorn, Pluto, Uranus, Venus | Comments Off

Exact tomorrow, 11/15, at 1:21 pm Pacific at 9 Capricorn 46 but the energy is in play and building now.

Pluto has been in square to Uranus in Aries and Venus now joins it. Check out that blog post linked and then add in some Venusian ideas. This can make the square come alive within relationships, what you feel is important, how you add and develop skills, and money/resources/possessions.

Ask yourself where in existing dynamics you feel trapped or in need of some new levels of fresh air. In the short term it may feel like a need to set something in stone or, at least, take some aspect of relationship, money, skills, etc., in the direction of more concreteness.

Pluto in this sign also asks us repeatedly to get clear on what’s running our lives. We may have the sense this week that we are empowered or disempowered (Pluto key words) through our relationship with money and possessions as well as through our relationships with others.

The square to Uranus brings pressure to set yourself free from existing stuff that doesn’t feel good. “Feel good” means those that don’t provide you with elbow room, a sense of having space to do what you need to do, and liven things up. It’s in Aries, a sign of new beginnings, and so there may be tension in your world and the world around you as many feel a growing sense of restlessness and a need to break free from what’s confining.

You should be finding yourself at minimum ill-at-ease with some existing dynamic that seems to require you to give up or surrender something you know is good or right for you. It’s about how strong you feel, actually. And if you don’t feel strong in the moment regarding a particular detail or thing, it’s about getting in touch with the inner rebel, revolutionary, and iconoclast. If you don’t do so, tension increases until it manifests in outward behavior we can classify as bitterness, resentment, and harsh criticism and perhaps unconscious-/reactive-type energy that seems to want to burn bridges and lay waste to the landscape.

If you need some alone time, take it. If you need to say something to someone but find it challenging, get grounded and do it. If you need to rework a relationship boundary or introduce a new one, do it. If you need to do something about your finances in order to feel more free or alive, do it.

The worst way to experience anything triggered by the Pluto-Uranus squares is to do nothing. It’s in fact a choice that leads to pent-up energy that will make things harder later for all involved. Take the opportunity to get more real, more authentic, more truthful, more direct, more open, and above all more willing to make changes. It’s the only way to deal with the tension that comes up that alleviates the tendency toward explosiveness and anger later.

01Nov13: The 4th Pluto-Uranus Square in Capricorn-Aries

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 | Aries, Astrology, Capricorn, Pluto, Uranus | Comments Off

Read previous posts on this from me:
On the 1st (June 2012)
On the 2nd (September 2012)
On the 3rd (May 2013)

While different points and planets are affected at different degree points, we’re in general getting used to the feeling of the pressure generated by these squares. When we’re at our best we’ll respond to the inner calls made manifest to change what is stagnant and unproductive in our lives.

Our normal tendency with Pluto transits is to try to avoid them, finding ourselves unable not to react harshly after a period of avoidance. Typical strategies with Uranus transits include putting off making changes followed by hyper-reactivity that has us changing everything in our lives and having patience for almost nothing.

Squares are always tense as two energies with methods and motivations at cross-currents pressure each other to do things differently than they are naturally inclined to do. Each seems to say to the other, “You’re doing it wrong.” Squares are wonderful for creative change … but only when we let it happen. Capricorn is about learning about who’s in charge of us while Aries is about instinctive, self-interested action.

With this 4th square between the two outer planets at 9 degrees and 25 minutes of Capricorn-Aries (3:01 am Pacific time on November 1, 2013), the story of who’s in charge of our lives and how free we allow ourselves to feel (and therefore be) continues to unfold. › Continue reading

Capricorn Full Moon Event Tonight at 6pm Pacific

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capfmIf you’re in Tucson come over to my house – details here. Otherwise, call in to receive the amazing benefits of Ascended Master Djehuty doing energy and release work for you.

The event begins promptly at 6pm Pacific. Registration for calling in is open until 5pm Pacific, the last time I will check my email before the event.

Read more about the phone call side of things and register via PayPal here. You can also call me at (213) 925-6019 to provide a debit or credit card. The fee is a sliding scale donation of $10-25.

If you can’t make the call you can get the recording, which will be available within an hour or two of the event’s end. (Register for the call like normal – even if after the call – and let me know via email that you just want the link afterward.) I will send you a link to download the MP3 and you can use it to the same effects as those experiencing it live – energy work by Djehuty, a grounding meditation that heals, and a series of empowering affirmations to release attitudes, energies, and beliefs that don’t or no longer work for you.

These calls are transformative and I strongly encourage you to join in or get the MP3!

tdjTom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel helping you understand what your soul is here to do and how to make it happen with grace, ease, and joy. Book your private consultation, get a Soul’s Journey Soundbite, and explore intuitive coaching and astrology tutoring by visiting Jacobs offers 13 books including the new The Soul’s Journey III: A Case StudyThe Soul’s Journey radio show airs live each Thursday at 6 pm Pacific on Contact Talk Radio.


Pluto Square Uranus #3, 20May13

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 | Aries, Astrology, Capricorn, Pluto, Uranus | Comments Off

It happened yesterday at 11 degrees of Capricorn-Aries, asking us to break free in authentic ways from what binds us. Some of that will be where we have allowed others to make our decisions for whatever reason whether we’re not sure we’re qualified or would just rather not do it.

Squares present tension and this tension between outer planets will ideally show us the need in our own little universes to break free from what we’ve allowed to constrict us and take charge of our lives. What that looks like for different people will vary mostly due to the patterns they have allowed to form in their lives that keep them from feeling in charge of themselves.

A common phrase for this is “giving away our power.” When it comes down to it it’s about being responsible for our lives and answering to ourselves. This is best done without apology and without clinging to things chosen in the past that appear to be mistakes. The intense realism Pluto in Capricorn calls for needs to taken in in the spirit of grounded compassion for the fact that we are each in a long-term learning process as humans.

Your job now is to set yourself free and take responsibility for yourself and your life while giving yourself room to change without heavy-handed expectations of perfection. The energy of Uranus in Aries in the mix says that clarity of perception and efficiency of action are to be rooted in following instinct without editing it because it seems to promise boldness. Be bold – do the thing that sets you free and decide to be unapologetic about meeting your needs and moving on with your life.

› Continue reading