“I feel so strong, and free, vibrant, and alive.”

october2014From D., a woman in Washington state I recently met and read for during my trip to Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. She also attended the two meditation events I offered in each city.

She’s been calling in almost daily and is also using the MP3s when she can’t call in. Click the graphic at left to read about this process and sign up to get the 22 MP3s to boost, rejuvenate, or maintain a daily practice. What we are vibrating (through thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) creates life around us. If we don’t like something we are experiencing, it is essential to raise our vibratory state. These 22 MP3s are intended to provide you with a framework for an empowering daily practice with two loving, supportive, and empowering beings, Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron.

Hi Tom :)
This has been such an incredible experience!! Thank you :)
I have been cleaning and washing my energetic and emotional body, and lots of things have been coming up. It’s funny, as I stay open, it’s like each morning is an adventure and I wonder what the day will bring. The days seem so long:)
Some of the things that came up were good, others really hard to move through. But the nightly meditation calls seem to be so well structured that they anticipate the types of issues that will come up and support it, to give me exactly what I need!
Last night’s call was amazing, again :)  It helped me move through something I felt like I was torturing myself over for couple days ….
I had more interesting dreams and woke up to my upper Heart Chakra literally vibrating ! (Like it felt when I had it open 3 or 4 months ago during meditation, when I asked my guides to show me where they were from. Their answer was to fly me up and 45 degree angle forward , to a blue star, and a beam of the most intense light came down and connected to my heart, there was an intense unbreakable pull , and it felt like my Thymus gland activated because it kept jumping up.) That is what I felt this morning, except without the beam.
I don’t know how it works, but it feels like my upper Heart, by my thymus gland, is connected, activated, vibrating, and it is my lower heart that is flowing out, creating that field of love. When you had us open our heart, keep it open, then think of the thing that brings fear, and watch the feelings and sensations , I noticed that it is my lower heart , the part that seems to flow out and generate my field of love, that is the part that closed with fear. As I worked to actively open it, work through the fear, something in me realized that I am able to do this even when I encounter fear. This is AMAZING ! I don’t have to be afraid of what I will create because I can focus on generating that field no matter what emotions I move through.
I feel so strong, and free, vibrant and alive this morning!! Open to what the day will bring:)
I had no idea your daily calls were actually going to deliver everything you said and more!
You really have found an elaborate, multi-dimensional, transformative tool!! It is incredible and priceless! 
Thank you so much for sharing this!:)

Vancouver, BC Events & Consultations October 24-30, 2014

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From Friday the 24th through Sunday the 26th I’ll be manning a booth and speaking at the Body, Soul, and Spirit Expo. At the expo, I’ll be giving two talks – on Tools for Evolution on Friday, 10/24 at 4pm and on Evolutionary Astrology & Soul on Saturday, 10/25 at 10:30am – plus a 2-hour workshop on Sunday, 10/26 from 11:30am-1:30pm to open your heart and do energy work for you.

A selection of my books will be available in the booth, as will be charged tiger iron and brecciated red jasper stones for grounding and healing.

I’ll also host two small-group channeling events the evenings of Monday, 10/27 and Tuesday, 10/28, each from 7-9pm.
Each is open to 9 people, so email me asap to register if you’re interested. I’ll have sign-up sheets at my booth at the expo, too. Note: Pre-payment is required to register for each.

You can also have an in-person astrology consultation and energy work session Monday, October 27th through Thursday, October 30th. A few times are open each day – contact me via email to book a time.




Tonight is Day 9 of Daily Energy Work/Channeling Meditation Calls

october2014You can call in whenever you like, or you can register to get all 22 MP3s and still have access to each call you can join. You can use the MP3s whenever you want – and forever, making this a great investment in beginning, jump-starting, or rejuvenating a daily meditative practice.

Read all the details and register here.

It’s a daily process of altering your consciousness intentionally. What happens is this: I bring through Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron, carrying their frequencies in my voice and body. During each meditation session, we ask you to let these positive, life-affirming, confident vibrations affect you.

The result is that you get an energetic, consciousness tune-up. Doing that daily will change your life, as you will daily get out of your head and the circles and cycles it runs in, often deciding to have a life of its own and then convincing you that its life is, in fact, your life.

Spending time frequently with Djehuty & Metatron changes that, putting you in a space in which your mind is a helpful advisor and the rest of you can be online, too. When you feel fear, self-doubt, regret, and bitterness, that’s your mind. Connecting with the energies I carry when I channel can put the emphasis back on the parts of you that can learn to get grounded, be more loving, and shed fears.

Each night through October 22nd from 6-6:20pm Pacific/9-9:20pm Eastern will be a live call. Remember that you can sign up at any time to get the full set of 22 MP3s (a new one posted daily through the 22nd as soon as the live call is complete), enabling you to step into this wonderful, empowering process on your own schedule.

And whether you’re on the live call or hear the MP3 later – even years later – the effect occurs. Meaning that Djehuty and Metatron’s energies come through the recording and when you invite them in as we ask on each MP3, they will come to you. For me personally, it’s good to know that I can always call on them. And now you can, too.

Beginning October 1st: Daily Energy Work/Meditation Calls with MP3s

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october2014Click on the graphic to the left to read all the details and register for this transformative experience.

For 22 days in October, I’ll bring through Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) to tune you to their level of empowered, self-confident, self-loving vibration.

If you’ve ever done affirmations, you know that repeatedly upgrading the vibration of your thoughts changes your life for the better. What I do on these daily calls with Metatron and Djehuty gives an unparalleled boost to that process.

When you are connected to their fields through me, when you make the empowering, self-loving decisions they ask on each call/MP3, things move as if you did an affirmation for weeks or months. It’s an amazing process and people are using them as opportunities to get where they want to go in and with their lives.

Click here to read more including getting a link to what callers had to say about their experiences in August, when I did this daily but did not offer the MP3s. This time, you can order the MP3s and use them daily – and whenever and for as long as you want – even if you can’t make the time of the daily call, 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern.

You also have the option of not getting the MP3s and calling in whenever you want – the call-in details are published on a PDF linked on the page linked above. I recommend getting the MP3s because you can us them to establish or revitalize a daily practice with Metatron and Djehuty, a meditative process that upgrades your energy field and consciousness as it clears out what doesn’t work and what you can’t use. You can use the MP3s forever, making them a fantastic investment for your spiritual and all other levels of health.

I had a wonderful experience being the facilitator of this process for 31 days in August. Before each call I sat down to connect with Metatron, who’s pretty intense. I got into a deeply grounded state and altered my frequency to connect with and to be able to carry his, and each day I told him that I’m ready to see his reflection of me. That is a way of saying that I opened to see his vision of my best self so I could clean things up in my world. It worked, and I’m feeling overall better than ever because I’ve been able to edit out certain reactions, thoughts, and choices that left me unhappy and feeling stuck before.

We’re starting the 22 days on Wednesday, October 1st at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern – looking forward to bringing these energies to you to help you change your life for the better!

Early-bird Registration for October’s Daily Energy Work Calls + MP3s Open Until 9/20

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october2014The process in August introduced callers to a daily meditation practice that connected them to the wisdom of Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron. Major life changes were seen by many who participated, to the point that I’m inspired to offer it again.

The next opportunity to connect with these beings through me daily is October of this year, and this time you can get the MP3s of all 22 days and call in for the daily calls when you can or not at all – all for a set price. You can also opt to call in now and then on a sliding scale basis but with no MP3s.

Transformation requires sitting down daily to get to the bottom of what you’re vibrating. It doesn’t happen with good intentions alone – we have to be willing to go within, see what’s happening inside us, and let go of what doesn’t work.

The daily calls are designed to do energy work each day for 22 days – none of it will overwhelm anyone. The effects begin to unfold in minor ways until, at the end, you notice major areas of your life being altogether improved.

It’s an exciting process, and I’m happy to be able to bring these beings through for you and kick-start, revisit, or maintain a healthy practice of grounding and clearing your field of what you no longer need.

Early-bird registration for the 22 20-minute MP3s and the daily calls at $180 is open until the end of Saturday, September 20th. The rate will go up the following day.

Click here to read all the details on this month of transformation.

Saturday, 20Sep14: Portland, OR Meditation/Channeling Event

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Saturday, September 2o, 2014
3-5pm. Sliding scale $20-40.
The Peoples Yoga, 3016 NE Killingsworth, Portland OR 97211

People who have done this with me before say:

  • “Profound.”
  • “Super-powerful.”
  • “A lot of garbage has definitely been cleared out.”
  • “I had a deep emotional release.”
  • “Amazing, powerful stuff.”
  • Frikking awesome.”

Full details in the flier.

I’m in Portland, OR for a couple of weeks to stretch my legs and get a change of scenery/pace from Tucson.

I’m available for private sessions while here (call (213) 925-6019 or email , as well as doing some events.

Also check out the Thursday, 18Sep14 Vancouver, WA meditation event.

Vancouver, WA on 9/18: Heart Opening and Clearing Meditation

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Thursday, September 18, 2014
7:30-9:30pm. Sliding scale $20-40.
Celestial Awakenings, 6610 Hwy 99, Vancouver, WA 98665
(360) 896-2207

People who have done this with me before say:

  • “Profound.”
  • “Super-powerful.”
  • “A lot of garbage has definitely been cleared out.”
  • “I had a deep emotional release.”
  • “Amazing, powerful stuff.”
  • Frikking awesome.”

Full details in the flier.

I’m in Portland, OR for a couple of weeks to stretch my legs and get a change of scenery/pace from Tucson.

I’m available for private sessions while here (call (213) 925-6019 or email , as well as doing some events.

Stay tuned for details on a NE Portland meditation event.

Collected Feedback from Callers to August’s Daily Energy Work/Channeling

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august2014energyworkTonight at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern I’ll do a debrief call for all who participated in August’s daily energy work/channeling/meditation calls. The number is the same as for the daily calls, available in the PDF containing the details. It’s a chance for you to discuss your experience if you called in at all, and share notes with others who went through a similar process during the month. I may also share some notes on my experience now that the month is complete.

Later today I’ll announce the details for doing daily work like this for 22 days in October – including the MP3s for later use. Here I want to collect some of the feedback I’ve received from callers to August 2014’s daily calls to give you an idea of what some people experienced after connecting with Metatron and Djehuty each day, releasing old and unhelpful energies, and deciding to let their guides and helpers come in.

From Karen in Vancouver, BC:
Hi Tom,
What I am most grateful for from the energy sessions.
The daily practise.
My new relationship to the chakras and the daily grounding.
This work has enhanced and strengthened me and my relationship to others.
Many times during the energy session the little details or comments were exact connections to my experience during the day. Synchronicity has been intensified. › Continue reading

Day 31 of Daily Energy Work/Channeling is Today

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Click on the graphic to get the details for tonight’s call if you can make it at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern.

It’s been an interesting month, to say the least. I’ve taken what I do with clients and workshop participants from time to time and made it a daily practice, fostering connection with Metatron, Djehuty, and spirit guides. A big part of this is grounding to the Earth daily and moving out energies, attitudes, and beliefs that don’t work for people.

For me, this is normal … but not always daily. This month it became a daily practice and I learned what it takes to hold space for others to experience this each day.

This means that I sat down with Archangel Metatron each day during the month and took on his high level of vibration. He holds up a mirror to a person to show what he or she does, consumes, uses, thinks, and believes that disempowers him or her or leaks energy. This month for me, then, has been an exercise in being willing to have that intense gaze focused on me. › Continue reading

Daily Energy Work: 28 Down, 3 To Go

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august2014energyworkWe’ve done 28 of the 31 daily energy work/channeling calls for the month. Positive feedback continues to come in from regular callers, and I’m finding their results heartening.

I’m glad to have done this each day during the month. The quality of the calls – the openness of me as a channel – has increased over the month, which is exciting. Doing this daily was for me kind of an experiment, as I didn’t at the outset know how I might manage it. Help from Metatron was regular and consistent, as he showed me how my choices, patterns, and habits on a daily basis affected me energetically. I asked him to help me see how I could make this work, and he showed me clearly.

Now, near the end of the month, I can see radical shifts in how frustrated I get day-to-day with either unexpected things or those that don’t work as expected. I’ve also reconnected with the messages of my body (a major theme during each call this month), being able to thank my body when it speaks to me instead of going into some sort of fear mode when I have a pain or some discomfort for any reason. › Continue reading